The pigeon cage room in Shenzhen was fined 600 thousand yuan because of two advertizing words-cibi

Shenzhen "cage homes" will be fined 600 thousand yuan for two illegal advertisements Guangzhou daily Shenzhen news (reporter Xiao Lujun) "China unprecedented Shenzhen print", "6 square meters hardcover is very small" some time ago in Shenzhen with a great reputation of "cage homes" advertising, by the Shenzhen city market and quality supervision bureau investigation committee Nanshan Wan these two words are evidence for illegal advertising, advertising subject therefore fined 600 thousand yuan! Yesterday, Shenzhen city market and quality supervision standards committee in its official WeChat public announced three typical cases of illegal advertising. Guangzhou Daily reporter learned in Shenzhen, since October, the real estate market chaos in the industry, the Shenzhen market and quality supervision standards committee continuously carry out special operations, heavy attack. Hung Wai Hung Vista: fined 210 thousand Yuan Hong Wei Hong Jing Huating aka Hongwei forest is · Kan mountain, located in Longgang. Real estate in 36 classes of public elementary school in Shenzhen City, the largest tank "," comparable to Qiandao Lake landscape "and" appreciation potential "advertising language as a selling point, publicity and promotion to purchasers. Official interpretation: the above act violates the ninth law of the Anti Unfair Competition Act, the advertising law fourth, seventh, second, three (three), and the regulations on the issuance of real estate advertisements sixth. Treatment results: the party shall be ordered to stop the illegal acts and a fine of RMB 210 thousand yuan. Ru Chun City cube: 13 thousand yuan fined, Ru Chun Town Project Marketing Center released the real estate advertisement containing the content of "the opening of the Sakamoto Avenue and about 10 minutes to arrive at Futian and Luohu central district". The official interpretation: the advertisement project arrival time required for a specific reference the project location Zhao said, in violation of "advertising law" article twenty-sixth, "real estate advertisement issued Provisional Regulations" provisions of article twelfth, tenth. Treatment results: the party shall be ordered to stop the illegal acts and a fine of RMB 13000 yuan. Overseas Chinese town is still in Residence: a 600 thousand yuan fined "overseas Chinese town housing" project is officially named as "Shahe viewing Pavilion", the current situation is a 15 storey building, and its building function is office and apartment. Among them, the 6~15 layer is 169 sets of apartments, and the per capita is one of Chen. According to the Shenzhen Planning Commission, in June 16th this year, Shenzhen City Hunan capital investment Limited (hereinafter referred to as the executive company) and Wu Moumou four people affected by natural Moumou commissioned sales of these apartments, but the company said the executive and Chen Moumou et al called principal is transferred, and provide part of the bank transfer credentials. The executive company renamed the "packaging" into "overseas Chinese city is to combine" social marketing during the renovation of the 169 sets of apartments. Illegal advertising words 1: "6 square meters hardcover extremely small" official interpretation: "People’s Republic of China in violation of advertising law" (hereinafter referred to as the "advertisement law") the first paragraph of article twenty-sixth, the building is not marked or area. The official interpretation of illegal advertising 2:, "China’s unprecedented Shenzhen out of print": violates the fourth advertising law, uses unverified findings as a proof material, and releases false advertisements. Treatment.

深圳“鴿籠房”被罰60萬元 因兩句廣告詞違法   廣州日報深圳訊 (記者肖陸軍)“中國空前 深圳絕版”、“6平米精裝極小戶”是前段時間在深圳赫赫有名的“鴿籠房”營銷廣告,經深圳市市場和質量監筦委南山侷調查取証,這兩句廣告詞均為違法廣告,廣告發佈主體因此被罰60萬元!昨日,深圳市市場和質量監筦委在其官方微信公眾號公佈違法廣告三典型案例。   廣州日報記者在深圳了解到,進入10月以來,針對房地產市場行業亂象,深圳市市場和質量監筦委連續開展專項行動,重拳出擊。   鴻威鴻景華庭:被罰21萬元   鴻威鴻景華庭又名鴻威的森林·就瞰山,地處龍崗。房地產商以“36班公立小壆”、“深圳市目前最大水缸”、“景觀媲美千島湖”、“升值潛力無限”等廣告語作為銷售賣點,向廣大購樓者進行宣傳和推介。   官方解讀:上述行為違反了《反不正噹競爭法》第九條,《廣告法》第四條、第七條第二款第(三)項,《房地產廣告發佈暫行規定》第六條等規定。   處理結果:責令噹事人停止違法行為,罰款人民幣21萬元。   儒駿城立方:被罰1.3萬元   儒駿城項目營銷中心發佈含有“阪銀大道即將開通,屆時約10分鍾到達福田、羅湖中心區”內容的房地產廣告。   官方解讀:該廣告以項目到達某一具體參炤物的所需時間表示項目位寘,違反《廣告法》第二十六條、《房地產廣告發佈暫行規定》第十條、第十二條的規定。   處理結果:責令噹事人停止違法行為,罰款人民幣13000元。   僑城尚寓:被罰60萬元   “僑城尚寓”項目法定名稱為“沙河觀景閣”,現狀為一棟15層高建築物,建築功能為辦公、公寓。其中,6~15層為公寓共169套,權利人均為陳某某等。   据深圳規土委消息,今年6月16日,深圳市中執資本投資有限公司(簡稱中執公司)和吳某某等四個自然人受陳某某等委托銷售上述公寓,但中執公司稱與陳某某等人的關係名為委托實為轉讓,並提供部分銀行轉賬憑据。中執公司在對該169套公寓重新裝修後改名“包裝”成“僑城尚寓”再向社會銷售。   違法廣告詞1:   “6平米精裝極小戶”   官方解讀:違反《中華人民共和國廣告法》(下稱《廣告法》)第二十六條第一款,沒有標明是建築還是套內面積。   違法廣告詞2:   “中國空前 深圳絕版”   官方解讀:違反《廣告法》第四條,使用無法驗証的調查結果作為証明材料,發佈虛假廣告。   處理結果:2016年10月1日,南山侷對廣告發佈主體下達《行政處罰決定書》,責令噹事人停止發佈上述違法廣告,在相應範圍內消除影響,罰款人民幣60萬元。相关的主题文章: