The protection of information security, the needs of the new era Fengqiao experience-nvidia geforce gt 740m

The protection of information security, the needs of the new era of "Fengqiao Experience" Li Xiaopeng commentary authors Alibaba security department jointly with the Shaoxing police, in conjunction with the national public security organs over tens of thousands of police successfully cracked 8· 14 hacking project ", seized nearly 7 million mobile phone black card, arrested the suspect of hacking industry chain of more than 240 people, seized 19 hacking software a series of 326 models, involving 22 provinces of the hacking Gang more than 100, won a large scale network security battle. In the eyes of ordinary people, hacker master different, most of these suspects do not actually have too strong technical capabilities. In the case of Xu Yuyu’s invasion of Shandong college entrance examination system of youth, but the second culture degree, because the download hacking software, access to a large number of successful candidates including Xu Yuyu, information, and sold it to become a fraud Gang, gang handed the knife to the people. From the case of Xu Yuyu can be seen as the network black and gray industrial chain, network crime has realized industrialization, criminals only need to buy hacker software from the Internet, online hacker to accept the training, will soon be able to master the technique of network crime. The virtual feature of network space, to establish their own criminal communication space for them, provide the conditions, making the network crime become get in by every opening. General personal information, are stored in major websites. Technical ability of the site is often better able to withstand a variety of attacks to protect the user’s personal information. The website that weak technical conditions, only in the presence of naked criminals". Therefore, to enhance network security technology to protect personal information, has become a successful commercial website basic skills. If the site is frequently broken, that is, the user is not responsible. Ali security department through big data technology to build real-time risk management ability strong, the data in the mass of the business platform, often can find traces of network crime, and through data analysis, account, address details such as locking suspicious clues, transferred to public security organs network supervision team, become the key to solve the data. This year, the clues handed over by them, has helped the public security organs arrested more than 4000 cyber criminals. On the one hand, Ali found clues to active transfer, on the other hand is to ask the public security organs investigation. In the 8· project; 14 hacking ", when the police demand investigation, the all gave full cooperation, the protection from technology. Now, Ali and more than and 20 prefecture level city public security organs have set up an anti fraud center, the use of their technical advantages and massive data, in close cooperation with the police to combat cybercrime. Comprehensive management of social security "Fengqiao Experience" from Shaoxing, is an important means of prevention and treatment of comprehensive management of social security. In the Internet, the network of black ash industry rampant today, to protect the security of personal information, to ensure that what happened to Xu Yuyu this tragedy, it needs to set up the new situation of police and cooperative relations, the new prevention and treatment system formed in terms of data security. This is the "8· 14 ones project" was successfully broken]相关的主题文章: