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The rebel army of the "old gods" how God? – Beijing – from the cloud read the historical novel "Li Zicheng" people of the book "Old God" is a Jiong has a very deep impression, not only with the skilled surgeon Li Zicheng from the Tongguan south of the original war break out, also saved the poisoned Hui Mei, it is in his recommendation and lobbying, join the rebellion has become an important cow Venus counsellor Li Zicheng, even after Li Zicheng in Jiugongshan was killed, he continues to follow the rebels have been fighting to the last moment…… It is undeniable is, to promote the development of human history is not only the "big man" like Shang Jiong, thousands on thousands of "little people", also plays a vital role, just this little people tend to ignore or even conceal the official history of the history of ancient China, only in the notes to see them fongwei feat with the unique charm. "It is a fictional Jiong" literary figures, but the rebels did have a nickname called "old gods" of military medicine, magic, experience the legend, and his real name is as the acme of perfection, so far, is a mystery. A: to boil "white water paste" records of the "old gods", some ancient notes scattered in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, which is the most detailed discussion, the Qing Dynasty scholar Zhang Chao included in "Yu Zhi" s. in a "remember the old gods". Author Fang Hengxian, was a famous painter, he had a friend named Liu Wenji, met with the old gods, once told Fang Hengxian said: "when offered a so-called" Old God "thieves, it is very strange, can give birth to the dead limb and the bone is broken continued, the Jing Yan thief as gods." The old gods knew quite strange, he was caught in a military operation in Zhang Xianzhong suobu, then the catch people often see you have to decide your proficiency in a particular line, the fate of death, old God shows a hand like plasticine schtick, rebel will he leave, also gave him a nickname called "Carpenter plastic". One day, he put a house down for firewood, cook a pot of boiling water, after boiling water several times, not only the dry pot, but boiled a pot of "white water paste", the very surprised, "to pass", Zhang Xianzhong thought he was a magician, to kill him, he said "this is not what magic but brewed a panacea for trauma, either ax chopped or torture injuries, with good will." Zhang Xianzhong let him try, really true, can not help rejoicing, that this person is a genius, he is respected. Because before the discipline is very strict, any violation of discipline, flogging is commonplace, they might even cut the ears cut nose, since we know the old gods with Qineng, every day his account is always in a long row of the team, "flesh Mi ulcer" waiting for his wounds. The old gods really famous rebel, he was saved by the sun to concubine issue, not only in the matter many ancient notes, are also documented in "Li Zicheng". The sun is expected to be Zhang Xianzhong’s son, courageous and resourceful, but with his adoptive father, irascible, one night drink wine, with the concubine because of a trifle quarrel, sword cut to the concubine’s neck, blood.相关的主题文章: