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Portrait actress erotic tears is forced to reveal the truth to the first AV in the works of birds in the wild wild birds cry really Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, following the West AV revealed her fragrant shady, accused of brokerage company president Aoki bright forced to accompany sleep, and now there is a former AV female and wild birds to complain, by Aoki bright forced to shoot AV, so she got more fear of the crowd, once the initiation of the idea Dutch act. Portrait actress born wild birds, 2013 left AV ring, before the Japanese media news that President Aoki Ryo was forced to shoot AV sea in the past, according to well-known AV Master "sword you said the wild birds in spring and Autumn" talent recommendation to know each other more said Aoki bright, she will fight to the overseas development of the singers or actors. However, wild birds in the contract, the first photo shooting out of the situation, asked "do not take off to the left, came to light but Aoki cried," I would not answer cold and you said, "then in bright Aoki shooting AV was forced to act tough and talk soft, because the other side. Has expressed her spent 100 million yen, if not beat AV, would ask her parents to. In the process of shooting AV for the first time, Xing Xing birds can not help but cry out, of course, these are all included in the works. But her tragic fate is not over, then Aoki bright and for sale without the consent of the personal information of all her exposure, let parents know that my daughter was actress AV. Parents do not understand the resistance to shoot AV, let her body finally out of the situation, not only suffer from social phobia, but also admitted to her boyfriend is AV actress, jumped from the balcony, but fortunately did not make life. But luckily, the wild birds finally stand to the president of retirement, a showdown, the other side also suspected earned enough money, simply promised, so she officially withdraw in 2013 AV. (commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: