The second half of the first cold yellow warning issued Hubei local cooling over 16 DEG C – News Soh oboni

The second half of the first cold yellow warning issued Hubei local cooling over 16 DEG C – Sohu news Chinese Weather Network News Central Meteorological Station in November 19th 18 issued a cold yellow warning: expected, influenced by the cold waves, 20 to 24, the eastern region from the north to the South will have a wide range of cool wind and rain and snow weather generally, average temperatures will drop 6 to 10 DEG C, wherein, the eastern part of Northwest China, North China, Huang Huai, JAC Western Midwest Midwest, South Western, central Southern China and northeastern Sichuan, Eastern Chongqing, Eastern Guizhou and other places the temperature will drop 12 to 14 DEG C, parts of southern Henan, Western Anhui, Hubei the eastern part of Hunan, Eastern Guizhou, and Northern Guangxi and other places of temperature can reach more than 16 DEG C. The area with 4 ~ 6 northerly winds, wind in eastern and southern area there are 7 ~ 9. The early morning of November 24th, the lowest temperature in some areas of North China Plain will reach -10 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature of 0 DEG C line will be located between the middle reaches of the Yangtze River to Huaihe River, south of the southern and Northern Southern China minimum temperature will reach 4 to 8 DEG C. From November 20, 2016 to 24, the cooling process forecast chart on November 20, 2016 to 24 of the minimum temperature forecast map is expected to 20, 08 to 21, 20, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu Midwest, central and Northern and Eastern Shanxi, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Henan and North East North East and other parts of the region will be 8 ~ 10 C cooling, among them, northern Shanxi local drop of more than 12 DEG C. The area with 4 ~ 6 northerly winds. From November 20, 2016 to 21, cool wind forecast map from November 20, 2016 to 21, the lowest temperature forecast map defense Guide: 1, people should pay attention to add warm clothing; good weather to cool the gale defense in production; 2, doors and windows, partitions, scaffolding, temporary structures and other easily by wind blowing tight structures, proper placement outdoor items affected by wind; 3, should go to the safe haven shelter, notify the outdoor workers Caution!; 4, refer to the relevant media reports the latest information of wind cooling, in order to take further measures; 5, traffic, public security departments should be in accordance with the duty to do road icing preparedness.相关的主题文章: