The site in a number of micro letter Shuangseqiu 140 thousand yuan late – Sohu diying

The site in a number of micro letter Shuangseqiu 140 thousand yuan after Sohu recently, Jiangyin welfare lottery center Duijiang 90 to usher in a Mr. Wang, this is the double chromosphere 122nd lucky lottery, he selected note number 5, in the two prize, six prize each one, get a bonus of 140 thousand yuan. It is understood that after Mr. Wang is very interested in the double chromosphere, often on the number trend, from time to time will go to Jiangyin harbor 32025672 betting station to buy a few notes, and meet the site owner Mr. zhang. On the evening of October 18th, Zhang boss with Mr. Wang in the WeChat chat by the way, I would like to buy a few note, Mr. Wang had to chase a few sets of numbers before the hair in the past, commissioned Zhang boss lottery. Two days later, Mr. Wang received a telephone news to inform him of the boss, the two prize shuangseqiu. Mr. Wang did not react at first, because the lottery is not around, Mr. Wang has forgotten this thing. Learned their prize, Mr. Wang quickly came to the site to retrieve the lottery, then Zhang boss to accompany him together to the welfare lottery center duijiang. The lottery, Mr. Wang is very excited, even say this is heaven. "Of course, thanks to the site’s Zhang boss, not only to help the lottery, the winning also told me that the service is in place, integrity management." Zhang boss said that this is their own, the integrity of the site is based on the operation of the.相关的主题文章: