The south too Hyun after the illness confided I just want to sing-t6670

The south too Hyun after the illness confided: "I just want to sing" south south Hyun show too Hyun too want to sing desire Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, South Korean group WINNER members too Hyun, in reality show debut before the game opened popularity after the debut, with a large number of fans to support the day before it broke a the problem of mental health, temporary interruption of group activities, 13 in the community website posting, the expression will want to sing, let the fans distressed. The day before Nan Taixuan broke with mental health problems, not to appear in front of the screen, so that fans can only understand his situation through social networking sites. In 13, he posted an article posted in the Instagram, the photo says, "I JUST TO SING (I just want to sing"), with the text "YES" is like a response, the simple words of the 2 show a strong will to sing. Fans watched the south too Hyun postings, can not help but sad to shed tears, in addition to responding to cheer messages, have a message to tell him, "we will always be your most strong backing, Oubabie worry, health is most important, although I also like you, but your health first. I will always wait for you." ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: