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The "Star 3" kitchen broadcast Hailu Qin met crayfish "turn pale" – Sohu Hailu Qin entertainment "star chef drive to" stills Hailu Qin "star chef drive to" Hailu Qin stills Sohu entertainment news recently, Jiangsu TV reality show star chef drive to "delicacy" in the third season, the Tuesday night time broadcast ninth. This program, Hailu Qin and star chefs work together for a "fully and delightfully" crayfish international tournament, and in the individual competition ingenious cooking "head" cuisine, very challenging. International professional tournament Hailu Qin pick crayfish shrimp line during the team competition, the stars ushered in the International Kitchen Chef challenge, several guests from the United States, South Korea, Italy, Mexico, the composition of the blue team against the stars of the kitchen are composed of the red team, two teams need to be made within the specified time to complete the 4 kinds of different flavors of crayfish the high degree of difficulty. In the face of a large basin "alive and kicking" crayfish ", a veteran in battle" Hailu Qin was frightened to "pale", was unfortunately flexible hand broken crayfish clamp. In the cleaning process to pick crayfish shrimp line, Hailu Qin has demonstrated his professional skills to pick shrimp line, "with its tail, see it three? In fact, it has five, but the top of this one, is also the normal shrimp shrimp tail, a part of the sharp, legend astacene in this part, a screw (you can)." In the end, the number of stars in the kitchen where the red team by virtue of the number of advantages quickly complete the game, a big win. Hailu Qin challenge head cut two knives knife individual game, the program set more challenging head as the theme of the food, and for the first time set up rewards and punishment mechanism. In many horror tau, Hailu Qin lucky PigHead pumped to the "bones" as ingredients, dishes do good-looking and delicious cuisine has become the focus of the. Reward and punishment links, Hailu Qin decisive choice and dry son Guo Qilin hand tied together, continue to cook ingredients, two people with the tacit understanding of the successful completion of the task. The "cooked golden garlic pig hip" by the judges affirmed. The end of the game, "Hailu Qin to complain that he never cut down the knife, cut two bad today.   相关的主题文章: