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Most college students in Taiwan to sell online auction of second-hand luxury yacht cited hot – Beijing, Beijing, November 14, according to the Taiwan news network reported, nothing more than the most common secondary trading of the college students in some textbooks, clothing and daily necessities, but Taiwan has a large student in the network and selling thousands of yachts, ultra luxurious interior, leather sofa, comfortable beds are brightens, however most caused netizens hot is the super aggressive price, or even a netizen named it as "the strongest in the history of the auction." A student at Zhongshan University in Taiwan sold tens of millions of students in the face of the book auction Association issued a yacht, while playing seventy percent off sold, but if the price of about 50 million yuan (NT, the same below) to count down to 15 million yuan discount. The original said, which was imported from Italy in the tens of millions of yachts for ten years of second-hand ships, usually rarely buy water, also do not have to worry about rent to the parking position, because he can arrange the winning bid to stop at the yacht club, and valet service operation of ships, how many can afford the ship service some basic expenses, if you want to charter tourism, yachting club, lying or Christmas parties can. In addition, according to media reports, this generation of selling yachts Xiao surname students said their usual favorite maritime activities, not only consider the yacht license, also know a lot of people because of the yacht, just because a friend wants to sell the boat, so he took the Internet posting, did not expect to become the focus of the topic of the campus accident between. This article is issued, immediately attracted many students under the message, someone joked that, as a college student with a yacht is also thought that perfectly logical and reasonable; sincerely consider investment can after such activities more convenient. Others said, "the Christmas parties to change locations.", "under the popular fund-raising, have bought seventy percent off class do place" and "this is what I have seen the most fierce commodity", there are people that want to buy a yacht class to the school, but my home to the school are water you can go?" The president said he is more students, from now on for the students will set a long-term goal, in accordance with the student dues and consider inflation and depreciation is expected to be the fastest in 2069 has a 55 student? "And in the ship, please return to the yacht lying."相关的主题文章: