The sudden explosion of the refrigerator caused the death of 2 children the truth of terror –

The sudden explosion of the refrigerator caused the death of 2 children   the truth of terror – people Hainan window – People’s network in August of this year, Fujian, a tragedy occurred in Nanan. Refrigerator is a residential building exploded suddenly, two children died in his sleep in the house to. Hey didn’t put inside the refrigerator, Samsung note 7, why will explode? Online search, refrigerator explosion is not the case, only in recent years, there are at least three or four blew up the refrigerator hurtful things. Refrigerator explosion, should be derived from the cooling fluid leakage. At present, the refrigerator refrigeration liquid, mainly R600a refrigerant, fluorine free, good cooling effect, it is the main component of isobutane, flammable. But the question is, how does this refrigerant leak out? Curious laboratory built a four square meters of simulated kitchen, which placed a refrigerator, trying to restore the process of refrigerator explosion. The working principle of the refrigerator is that the cooling fluid flows through the pipeline, slip away from the entire refrigerator, and finally return to the compressor, when the refrigerator is old, the pipeline will be frozen, many people with a knife to remove ice. This process is likely to lead to the rupture of the pipeline, the leakage of refrigerant. After the leak, as long as there will be an explosion of fire, the power of how much? We cut the liquid inside the refrigeration pipeline, let leakage and then install the remote ignition device 321 ignition spark instantly surrounded the refrigerator, the refrigerator is mainly because insulation foam and sponge, so the fire spread quickly, while the refrigerator was ignited. The fire burned more prosperous, the risk is also in step by step. "Bang" sound, the refrigerator exploded, the fireball from the inside out, smoke rises, the power is enormous. The refrigerator completely after the explosion, only some iron, we can see a very big hole in the refrigerator backboard, is likely to open the compressor explosion. Professional technicians say the pressure inside the refrigerator compressor, and the air pressure difference is about 2 atmospheric pressure, when the combustion, the pressure will increase. So the compression mechanism on the cold pipe joints, or the weakest part of the refrigeration system, will produce an explosion. (commissioning editor Lu Shaoxiong and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: