The sword in the hazy fed Zhang Yunlong love Smoothie musiland

The "sword" in the hazy fed Zhang Yunlong "love" Smoothie struggle Utopia Wenwang Shao Meng photography Sina entertainment news on September 7th, by Zhang Yunlong, in the dim [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Guan Xiaotong, starring the "sword of the Han cloud" conference held in Hengdian. Starring Guan Xiaotong due to the opening of the school can not be present, send a video blessing. The conference site, in the dim because of filming injured, wheelchair appearance, won the Zhang Yunlong take care of. The play, in the haze of a white hair styling, but can not accept the beginning of white hair styling, and later used to feel very handsome, even in the dim even their ideal type is Xun Zhou. Zhang Yunlong said he and the dim like singing, said the opportunity to work together. The same day, Guan Xiaotong and Jingyi Ju two actress regret is not present, the two men is the opportunity to ridicule the two female main a. In the dim incarnation tragic Boy admits the ideal type is Xun Zhou learned that the "sword of Han cloud" in ancient Millennium legend as the background, tells the story of three ancient kingdom of heaven, the two brothers from asagumo Muyun hostile relationship and gradually transformed into the brotherhood, in the tribal help in the tribal girl Ellahi, jeopardy, to overcome the difficulties, to find a symbol of justice of the Yellow Emperor and the sword spirit, finally complete the mission of the story. Talk about the emotional scenes, to reveal their feelings in the hazy road is not smooth, not with their loved ones together, only the harvest family, when asked about the ideal of life, Xun Zhou is admitted to the dim. It is worth mentioning that this drama is also the first time the challenge of fuzzy white hair styling. At the beginning of the haze admits he can not accept white hair styling, and later used to, but also feel very handsome. When asked about the injury, in the hazy said the situation is very good now, the scene also blew filming fun, he admits his action inconvenience, also need to walk with a substitute, every time, walk this scene, like a zombie. Zhang Yunlong has been blasting the love in the toilet singing conference also exposed the first film, played by Zhang Yunlong and IIM asagumo will hope (Guan Xiaotong ornaments) and AI (Zhang Jianing [micro-blog] decoration) launched a love triangle in the hazy plays with Greece, IIM Muyun Yin LAN (Ju Jingyi ornaments) emotional entanglements etc. perplexing feelings of the line also surfaced. But following the "nine sky", Guan Xiaotong and Jingyi will play with rival, launched a love triangle. The play, asagumo and Muyun are brothers, but belong to different camps, fight the enemy separately. Mentioned in the dim, Zhang Yunlong said that his private and obscure relationship is very good, also called for "a hazy", often play with each other. This does not, the conference site of Princess hold squat contest, Zhang Yunlong volunteered as a hazy in punishment, in dim is personally fed Zhang Yunlong "love" Smoothie, witness the brotherhood. The conference, while actress Guan Xiaotong is not in, they also partnership to imitate Guan Xiaotong afraid of insects in hazy scenes, even shouted: "Yunlong you to do a complete action, I am responsible for the above, you are responsible for the following", amused the audience laughter constantly. Turning to the future development, two people like to sing, I hope to have the opportunity to work together. For while filming, while the album)相关的主题文章: