The Taiwan military exercises to persuade the PLA suspected users do not believe there are 20

The Taiwan military exercises to persuade the PLA suspected users do not believe there are 20 fighters to surrender the original title: Taiwan military drills to persuade the PLA to surrender suspected users still does not believe the existence of [J 20 observer network integrated]10 29 March to November 4th, Taiwan’s military launched a 7 day 6 night "Changqing drill". This is also the first time to watch the military exercise. This is the first time against the Taiwan military military maneuvers. In the "Changqing performance", Taiwan’s military seems to want to persuade the mainland people’s Liberation Army to surrender. So the word is printed in Taiwan in the 234 brigade printed a psychological warfare leaflets: "this small injury may help you when the next encounter," I would not be so in the ‘attack, quickly lay down their arms and surrender." Military observers said that the psychological warfare leaflets printed in Chinese, and the imaginary enemy of Taiwan is the mainland. Therefore, it can be inferred that the Taiwan military suspected of trying to persuade the Liberation Army surrendered. In addition to the Zhuhai airshow debut f -20 stealth fighter, Taiwan netizen still does not believe its existence. In Taiwan, known as the most serious military forum MDC, there are friends in Taiwan message that it is using F-22 photo PS. "I’m only interested in the HD image. This must be PS." This message is displayed on November 2nd. Which annihilates -20 the day before has a public appearance, this speech is funny. These problems not only exist in Taiwan friends, Taiwan has also been high-level aspects. 2, Taiwan defense minister Feng Shikuan to answer questions when not clear f -20 and -31 in the legislative branch. The Taiwan Air Force Chief of staff Fan Dawei said the f -20 fighter -31. But when asked about the Taiwan air force after the upgrade of the F-16V can match the f -20, two per capita expressed confidence. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: