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The team arrived in Guangzhou Looper, Mata strong suction eye slippers summer LPL finals will be conducted in August 26-28, EDG and RNG who can cut off the 2016LPL summer championship? In addition, IM, WE, VG, Snake for the L world finals last qualifying today, fighting! The team has to to Guangzhou, with the view of the front of the latest team dynamic! EDG electronic sports club official blog first issued a document that has arrived safely at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, the players in the state chart looks good. EDG fans have expressed very love to see the missing persons, after all men at the airport runway gaming group photo is very rare! VG hero League official Bo also updated micro-blog, the reporter sent to the front line of the newspaper has arrived in the army, the army out of the wood have found a familiar figure in the crowd of VG, he came to do what official Bo said he was curious……" The slipper group of two strong and Duke appearance, Ma Yuanyuan, this is Looper and the Duke talk what looks like day! Snake Electronic Sports Club subsequently issued a document, "we have arrived safely in Guangzhou. Tracy:" go, I go to see my country push". The official blog so naughty, dress very Fashion Snake fans to her comment, "jacket coat + shoulder bag + white shorts and dark occupation player super popular slippers" – autumn and summer I only take the trend of collision snake! Don’t know later will release the major clan to the stadium at the rehearsal footage? Each team can rest well, go all out for the 2016 League World Finals tickets last! (Penguin gaming)相关的主题文章: