The typhoon caused by Gannan in more than 170 people were emergency transfer is still under the

The typhoon caused by Gannan in more than 170 people were emergency transfer is still under the influence of the Jiangnan area yesterday, Zhejiang Shaoxing, the twenty-second typhoon this year, "hippocampus" peripheral circulation to carry large amounts of rain in transit in Zhejiang Shaoxing, the urban sections of serious water. October 21st, typhoon hippocampus after landing in Guangdong, Shanwei, weakened northward, affecting Jiangxi, Zhejiang and other places, to bring heavy rainfall in southern provinces. According to Xinhua News Agency China visual map by Typhoon "hippocampus" effect, 21 Gannan local rainstorm weather. According to the Jiangxi provincial headquarters as incomplete statistics on the 22 day at 9:30, the typhoon caused heavy rain has caused two Dingnan county is located in the Xunwu County in Jiangxi Province, more than 170 people were evacuated. Jiangxi local rainfall over 200 mm according to meteorological monitoring in Jiangxi Province, affected by the typhoon, 21 Gannan heavy heavy rain, which Ganzhou City, Dingnan County, Xunwu County, Anyuan County, local heavy rain. October 21st 8 to 22 at 8 o’clock, the 28 counties of more than 50 mm rainfall station, the rainfall of more than 100 mm in the 9 counties of the station, the maximum rainfall for the first station in Xunwu County village 227.8 mm. According to preliminary statistics, affected by heavy rain, Xunwu County, Danxi Liu Che 2 townships of the transfer of low-lying areas and adobe houses 82 people; Anyuan county a construction temporary bridge was flooded, traffic disruption; Huichang county 1 high-voltage lines was blown off, leading to the township of Dongtou County Department of streets Dingnan power; short of water, 5 townships tolls transfer 92. Other disaster is further statistics, no report of casualties. Hongkong hit 13 people injured in the typhoon, the hippocampus hit the Hongkong during the day of 21, traffic and public services greatly affected, and led to a total of 13 people were injured. The government news agency data show that a total of 13 people were injured due to the emergency room of public hospital, the 219 people in the Home Affairs Department of the temporary shelters. The authorities received 197 reports of fallen trees, but did not receive reports of flooding and landslip. Hongkong more than 700 flights canceled or delayed due to typhoon, many passengers stranded in Hong Kong International Airport. With the hippocampus away, flight service 22 am gradually restored. In the forecast of Typhoon "hippocampus" continue to affect the South East and other places of the southwest region of Eastern, Huang Huai more precipitation in October 21st 23, the "seahorse" weakened into a tropical depression, stop number of its central meteorological station 22, 5. In October 22nd, affected by the typhoon "hippocampus" and the cold air, Western Zhejiang and North Central, Shanghai, southern Jiangsu, southern Anhui, Northeastern Jiangxi and northwestern Fujian, northwest and other places with heavy rain or heavy rain is expected in October 22nd 20 to 23, 20, there will be short-term heavy rainfall in some areas of Jiangsu, South and north of Zhejiang River in eastern Fujian and other places, is expected to hour rainfall of 20-30 mm, the local up to 40 mm or more. Affected by the trough and cold air return, 22 to 24, the eastern part of the region, southeast northwest, southwest Huang Huai and other places have moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain in Sichuan basin. Expected, 25 to 28, from the eastern part of the southwest to Huang Huai and other places will have a precipitation process. Comprehensive China Meteorological Administration, the Central Meteorological Observatory website (Beijing News)相关的主题文章: