The U.S. presidential election canvassing last weekend Trump met security threats mentalist

The U.S. presidential election canvassing: last weekend Trump met the security threat away. In November 6, according to foreign media reports, the United States before the election last weekend, Republican candidate Donald · Trump in Nevada during the canvassing encounter unexplained accident, tense. Trump in the evening of November 5th in Reno Nevada a campaign rally on the way suddenly stopped under the gazebo, several agents swarmed away. A man was taken away by commandos and police officers, and Trump resumed his speech. Agents later said they did not find any firearms weapons on the man. Trump also includes Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Minnesota this weekend. He vowed to win over the Democratic bases from rival Hilary · and Mr Clinton. The Republican Party has never won in Minnesota since 1972 and has not won Pennsylvania and Michigan since 1988. "No one ever told us that we were going to go well," Trump said at a rally rally in reno…… I have to thank all the agents." The crowd heard rumors after gunmen scattered in panic. The United States Secret Service was confirmed by a thorough search, the man, and around the venue were not found in any firearms weapons. The secret service and the Reno police department will conduct a thorough investigation of the event.相关的主题文章: