The villagers for the reproduction of Fish Creek with green mountains and rivers to raise money for steam_api.dll

The villagers for the reproduction of Fish Creek with green mountains and rivers to raise money for the beauty of fry every flood season, released the fish tail biting force, jumped 1 meters high, upstream." 14 afternoon, Zhao Bao Ping Xiang Mian he village in Yiling District, 52 year old Huang family squatting in Shahe Zhao throughout the village, see more than and 10 days ago thrown into fry, recalled to reporters a few decades ago in the river to see the scene. In October 30th, led by the Huang family, the village and his age 26 villagers spontaneous financing to buy more than 10 thousand fry, put into the river. Huang family instructions said that in the past ten years, the village has not seen the river flowing through the village. Everyone’s idea is very simple, hope to return to the previous full time Fish Creek green mountains and rivers, so that foreign guests can catch fish and shrimp in the river. The villagers to raise public environmental protection home story in the local has been transferred to a story. 1 through the front of the river’s fish originated in the Yiling region of Shahe Zhao Bao Ping Xiang Zhao Mian he Cun, via 4 administrative villages, gathered along several small branches, from the Lotte town of Sha Ping Cun into the Yangtze river. On the morning of 14, 52 year old Huang family riding a motorcycle, along the river flow from top to bottom, see more than and 10 days ago into the river fish. "Better than expected, running a total of 20 points, not a dead fish found." Huang family said, since the fish thrown into it, he every day to see, more and more dependable heart. Huang family is a native of the local people of Shahe, Zhao through the door, there are a lot of good memories. Every flood season, the fish tail biting, exhausted body strength jumped 1 meters high, upstream." In the yellow family memories, the fish is very strong vitality, rolled up pants across the river, will charge the legs, holding a dustpan will scoop up fish. How did the fish? Huang family believes that the reason is very complex, the downstream station blocked fish upstream of the upstream channel, there is a mine, a lot of sewage discharge. Such phenomenon often appears on the sand bed, the fish did not "nest". The most deadly is that people often steal fish and fish poison, a bottle of Medicine on the river, almost never see fish. The 53 year old Yu Guide love fishing, many years ago, half day fishing several kilograms of fish in the river, now home to the fishing rod has been covered with dust. 2 villagers financing buy fry kind of Yellow River family Tianma, had various small businesses. 4 years ago, he and his wife returned home, in the original chestnut tsubosato (now merged into the next town, Bao Ping Xiang) runs a butcher. But, Huang Jiaxun’s mind is always playback for fish in the river as a young picture. "The fish in the river, clear the envy ah alive and kicking." Have the same idea, and Yu Guide, he traveled to Qingjiang, his heart always whispered, before my door Creek, is not it? Two people together, chatted about the topic of fish. In January this year, Huang Jiaxun began in the village area, from upstream to downstream, Linhe farmers almost gone again, say to fry the idea. A total of more than and 30 questions, with the resonance of the 25." Let Huang family feel some surprise, and he is the same age, almost all let Zhao Shahe fish reproduce the scene alive and kicking ideas. Big!相关的主题文章: