The whistling contest with Zhejiang Wang Shaohou often the whistle cheek swollen practice (Figure) reshacker

The whistling contest with Zhejiang Wang Shaohou: often the whistle cheek swollen practice (Figure) Zhang Qi a lot of people will whistle, powerful point can blow into song. But you may not know, whistling also have a game, and the country’s most cattle "post king", "post", are in our Zhejiang. The day before, "China good whistle" — the third cross strait whistle art friendlies ended, Zhang Qi from Wenzhou won the championship of adults from Hangzhou, Tonglu Yuan Shuling won the women’s championship in adults. The reporter and the two "whistle king" after talking to find the champion behind decades hard kungfu. He practiced for 40 years often whistle Zhang Qi his cheeks swollen practicing her very spirit, speaking in a leisurely manner. 54 years old, he has been blowing whistle for more than 40 years. Zhang Qi said, the young father often whistling, blowing or may be influenced by his father, he will imperceptibly blow, "just started practicing whistle, is completely self pondering, will play a song, just blow to people around to listen, others say ‘good’, is very happy." More than and 10 years ago, Zhang Qi opened a copy shop. When there was no customer, he practiced hard and whistled along with the computer. Zhang Qi’s wife said, he several times to practice hurt, "several hours training, the sound is more and more weak, cheek is swollen." Zhang Qi said that the practice is a bit like whistle builders work, a plane, a hammer and saw everything with ripe, later to become a true craftsman. Before the game, Zhang Qi spent 6 months preparing for every day at least more than 3 hours of practice, the repertoire is also repeated selection, and ultimately by virtue of the song that is me, won the crown. It is understood that the contest criteria, including emotional expression, intonation, rhythm, the breath control, stage image etc.. The biggest challenge for Yuan Shuling girls to whistle is the eyes of others and the same as Zhang Qi, whistle after the whistle is also a love of love from a young age, the whistle is also like a whistle from a young age, the love of the whistle is also from a young age. This year, 43 year old Yuan Shuling was born in the northeast, two years ago came to her husband’s hometown of Tonglu, I like to sing when I was a child, but the weather is too cold, a cold can not sing, and would like to express feelings. Later, I found that whistle can make up for this shortcoming, and can not sing the treble whistle blowing out." But at that time, people on the whistle whistle, some even think not to regard it as right, dudish, Yuan Shuling practiced a lot of pressure. "I 923 years old, wall at home in the newspaper to see a" whistle player "is a foreign woman." Yuan Shuling said that this report allows her to put down the pressure in the heart, feel whistling this thing is not wrong, no matter how the people around me." From then on, whistling became her way of expressing emotion. After dinner, a foot out of the house, the whistle is blown up; in rural areas at night black, she whistled a loud whistle to give him courage. Yuan Shuling said that women compete in the whistle less. The competition, the men’s team has more than and 40 people, only women in the group of only more than and 10 people. "All the female contestants who came to the competition were elites"相关的主题文章: