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The woman is not registered but clapnet loan collection is die you call rejection 1 months – Sohu press enter lightning interface fill in the relevant information can be borrowed loans without collateral. Enter the amount of the amount of the loan within 60 seconds withdrawals. The parties to the collection of threats. Mobile phone screenshot never on the net loan platform loans, but being caught in the whirlpool of collection. Yesterday, who lives in Chengdu Fu Lin said, over the past month, a "lightning loan" financial network project, through the collection of the company, "He Xiaomei" to recover arrears. And the arrears of He Xiaomei, is a more than a year ago, Fu Lin has no contact with former colleagues. Fu Lin told the Beijing News reporter, this time, collection agencies including the use of verbal threats, phone call you to death "and other means, continued harassment, leading to their work and life seriously disturbed. Yesterday, someone’s net loan platform responded, the company has been responsible for the collection of business outsourcing, around the professional collection team. You Fu Lin encounter, the platform said, it has been removed from the collection list. Former colleagues owed to call you last month, no matter where you go, Fu Lin will carry a cell phone charging treasure. She does not know, today will not come again "call you die". Fu Lin is an employee of a company in Chengdu. In October 8th this year around 11:30, she received a strange call. Over the phone, a Sichuan accent man asked her if he knew, "He Xiaomei", and said to them, their network of financial platform "lightning loan project collection staff, He Xiaomei has overdue loans in the platform, hope Fu Lin help recover. "He Xiaomei, a former colleague of mine, has been out of work for more than two years, and I don’t know how to get in touch with her." Fu Lin memories, after listening to some of their own interpretation, the other side of the phone, the mood suddenly up, and then began to curse in dialect, and then hung up the phone. Soon, the "collectors" would give Fu Linfa a message, threats and curses to her. Things are far from over. Fu Lin told the Beijing News reporter, his nightmare, then start from the phone. From October 9th onwards, Fu Lin’s phone has received a strange call, continued for a month. Beijing News reporter saw only in November 1st this day, from 0:16 to 1:53 p.m., Fu Lin received 78 calls, and attribution from all over the country. Fu Lin said that all of the above calls are only one sound will hang up, only a few minutes apart from each other. Fu Lin said that since then, his cell phone will often suddenly ringing non-stop, an average of more than 200 calls a day. In desperation, she can only choose the mobile phone will be muted, in order to prevent frequent calls due to depleted, when she went out into the standard charging equipment". The company said business has involved collection of outsourcing is strange call intensive harassment after half a month, October 25th, Fu Lin to "borrow" lightning "platform of palm public finance" complaints. Continuous attempt to contact four times, and finally the staff contact. In the understanding to Fu Lin after the encounter, the palm financial staff to reply that has Yu相关的主题文章: