This open hanging drama, at first almost died nvidia geforce gt 740m

This "open hanging" drama, at first almost dead three family groups are usually the story in the first episode of series together finally by god. According to the Beijing News reported on November 3rd, if this fall’s hottest drama, is known as the file "game of Thrones" "Red Net drama" western world ", and the degree of concern is less than 1/10 of their NBC Taiwan Drama" announcement on this day we (This is us) ", is to kill them from the fall in U.S. horse. As the first quarter of the season to get renewed, and continued it continued a 18 episode drama, "we this day" is not a powerful dazzling cast lineup, there is no concept of cool heavy mouth is not set, according to the well-known works of adaptation, has yet to launch it like a trailer hanging open breaking 100 million hits, and won the American media praise and rotten tomatoes 91% 88% fresh, in the domestic Douban score is 9.3, and the most popular domestic TV fans on the "western world" call it a tie. "We this day" begins with a concise told the audience: Wikipedia shows the average everyone share the same birthday and eighteen million people, and the drama of the hero is a birthday on the same day, their life will be in a very unusual way to mingle — at first will have a "super the sense of the mysterious sense of" hunting. Next is the ordinary affairs of three families: pregnant with triplets in husband wife, 36 year old birthday delivery, they accidentally lost the youngest son, but serendipity adopted abandoned black children; handsome sexy twin brother is a soap opera actor, 36 year old is still not willing to do his vase in the shooting scene collapse’s occupation career crisis; and the younger sister by obesity problems, self identity is low, to meet the pursuit of their own men are not open to love; successful Gao Fu handsome black has the happy family of four, but not abandoned by the father of the past 36 years birthday, he found the father, who is terminally ill…… Seemingly unrelated to a few people, have their own troubles, the common ground between each other is that they are the same birthday, are 36 years old. The story of "modern family" and "lost" + "first love" the story of the play is the kernel "modern family", and with a slight shaking documentary feel the camera, all sorts of life as real delicate happening around you. But as a writer, curator and executive producer Dan · Fogleman said, "when the idea, I portray it as a" lost "comedy version, you must first understand every role is how to relate to each other, and then with us to explore every role." The end of the first episode, in a variety of plain water, let you feel the narrative, these scattered fragments in the last three minutes of God series together, but in the sense of surprise. Multi line, group play, eventually all people, similar to the "true love" narrative, let this short forty minutes can carry only as a movie, even, bearing, change and grasp the rhythm of more perfect than a lot of movies. No wonder the American critic said: "on the first episode of the quality, the.相关的主题文章: