Thousand Huang Expressway in Chunan during the year is expected to start building will become the go

Thousand Huang Expressway in Chunan during the year is expected to start building will become the golden tourist route in August 16th this year, the national development and Reform Commission formally approved the Chunan section of yellow 1000 highway project feasibility report, recently, the reporter from the Hangzhou investment group learned that the Ministry of transport in the end of the month on-site survey and evaluation. The 2, a connecting line project: can start building in Jinxian Avenue and barking line. In the future, Hangzhou to Mount Huangshan and more than a channel. Open up the broken road project in Hangzhou high-speed 1000 Huang Chunan contact Huang Senyan, the starting point of the project in Mount Huangshan Liyang to Ningde National Highway in Anhui province and Anhui and Zhejiang industry segment, end point and HangQian Expressway connected Qiandao Lake branch. The whole village, Jin Feng, Song Wei Ping, Wang Zhai, stop in Pingshan (Qingxi Town), a total length of 51.5 km, with the construction of a two-way four lane Expressway standard, the design speed of 80 kilometers per hour, roadbed width of 25.5 meters. High speed along the village, Wang Wei Ping, song Zhai, Hubei, the Kuril Qiandao Lake east the 5 set interchange, motorists can in these places under high speed. In the past, the people of Hangzhou to Qiandao Lake, the most convenient way is to go hang high-speed, from the Qiandao Lake branch into the local Chunan. The Qiandao Lake branch is a ‘broken road’, it can not continue after the entry into Chunan." Huang Senyan, the renovation of the broken road plan in 2006 had been determined, can be described as "ten years grinding sword". After the completion of the Chunan can be reached through the territory of Anhui, Mount Huangshan. The series "city lake mountain" will become the golden tourist route of Hangzhou trading group said thousands of yellow high-speed project is the Hangzhou municipal government to implement the "traffic West" "travel west" strategy is an important project of Hangzhou is an important channel to Anhui Province, Hangzhou city is also the urban and rural development is an important traffic infrastructure project. "Chunan can be completed, Hangzhou, West Lake, Qiandao Lake, Anhui Mount Huangshan" city, the name of the lake, mountains’ connected by highway." Huang Senyan said that in the future, you can hang thousands – thousands of yellow high-speed to build a first-class domestic and foreign well-known tourist routes of gold, self driving tour will be a good choice. As the project is located in the water source protection area, the number of pre topics, planning and design is very difficult, the location of high demand, in the construction of the need for attention. After more than three months of unremitting efforts, the report can be approved by the end of the work, and access to the central special construction fund grants 2 billion 317 million yuan. The next step, Hangzhou Trading Group will fully follow the preliminary design work, improve the preliminary design, optimize the line, and strive to end the 2 supporting the smooth start of the project line.相关的主题文章: