Thousands of food and beverage units in Henan and the school cafeteria

Henan thousands of home and school canteen catering units "broadcast" – Henan Beijing thousands of home and school canteen catering units "broadcast" to "tongue" to see the Xinhua news agency in Zhengzhou on 1 November, (reporter Zhang Xingjun) reporter from the food and drug supervision and Management Bureau of Henan Province, with the help of the Internet, intelligent mobile phone client technology. Henan to promote the "bright bright kitchen stove" project, there are more than 3 thousand catering units and the school canteen food processing and kitchen environment "broadcast", thus out of a government, enterprise food safety governance and social way. The Ming Liang kitchen stove "refers to the catering service providers through the use of video technology, transparent display, open kitchen and sunshine publicity, open kitchen environment, cleaning and disinfection, food processing, storage of raw material state behavior. Henan province has a total implementation of the "bright bright kitchen stove" catering services reached 71065 units, accounting for 42% of the province’s catering units, including the use of video technology of 33576 units; the transparent display unit 35817. Since the opening of this year, the kitchen open day activities 27691 times, to take the sunshine publicity units reached 8758. Deputy director of Henan provincial food and Drug Administration Wang Jianfang introduced the Ming Liang kitchen stove "project aims to make the kitchen see, see clearly, far, allow consumers to experience, participation, supervision of food safety. After several years of efforts, the basic realization of the food and beverage units from passive to active participation in the transformation of food and Beverage Safety by the simple government regulation to government, business and social three party governance transformation. "In the local, the guiding principles of the enterprise system, the province to the school canteen, canteen service area of Expressway and large and medium-sized catering industry as a key breakthrough, leading to their adoption of video technology, the development of APP, the realization of" Ming Chu seamless bright kitchen ‘between the information and the supervision platform, end users, the province currently has 3180 and school canteen catering units can achieve "webcast"." Wang Jianfang said. According to the plan, Henan province city, county (city) District, rural primary and secondary school canteens will be completed at the end of 2020 the Ming Liang kitchen stove "project construction;" 13th Five-Year "period, the province’s highway service area catering service providers" bright kitchen stove "project will also be completed. Earlier this year, Henan province will also "bright bright kitchen stove" project extends to the rural collective meal management, through the installation of cameras in the rural fixed dining places, can use the mobile terminal to check the real-time situation of law enforcement.相关的主题文章: