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Three people into the mountains to play a woman of chestnut stung head died killed Beijing – western network (Shaanxi radio and television "City Express" reporter She Yanfeng Zhang Xinran) head bee everybody harm not unfamiliar, this morning (September 23rd) in Changan District, a woman in the village after the mountain accidentally kicked a individual cellular, very serious consequences! After the rescue, the 48 year old woman, it is a pity, or no vital signs. The reporter learned that the woman surnamed Liu, Changan District East Street East Village office. What happened, how could this happen?! Things from this morning she went to the mountains to speak of chestnut. The deceased friend: "it was a bee all out, hard to sting, we on squatting, holding the head." The deceased friend: "she was stung two, are in the head." This morning, the East Street East Village office after the mountain, three women together play chestnut. Here the chestnut tree is tall and big, a few people are only pay attention to the tree did not care too much about the grass in the foot, hiding a basketball sized head cell. The other two people are picking up the chestnut down, suddenly heard the voice of the buzz and Liu’s cries for help. This just know, Liu accidentally kicked the grass in the head of the honeycomb. Three people hurriedly squatted on the ground, desperately with clothes wrapped themselves to Ms. Liu’s head was stung by two, not much will appear coma situation. After hearing the news of the family rushed her to the hospital. Be stung two ye can so quickly fatal? Relatives have their own guess. The family of the deceased: "she has asthma for many years." Is it more dangerous for people with asthma to be attacked by a head bee? The reporter contacted the Jiaotong University Affiliated Hospital experts. Doctor: "the injured itself suffered from asthma, after being head of bee venom attacks, will aggravate the symptoms." This season is the most exuberant season as head of bee, mostly in trees or grass nest, if you want to go to the wilderness, we must carefully observe the surrounding environment, if the head bee attacks, to wipe the wound vinegar, as soon as possible and seek medical treatment, not delay.相关的主题文章: