Tianjin University discovered for class a notes to the industrial chain to write a dragon p8400

Tianjin University discovered for class a notes to the industrial chain of one-stop homework today, a new generation of "course for family business has expanded to a class, for, for, for taking notes for homework, all in one service, from the original one, to today’s combat team, and spawned a number of" intermediary ", every month only provides for class service can be accounted for thousands of yuan. A business upgrade to taking notes to write a long existing "for class" phenomenon in University, business has been upgraded from the original for the answer, turned for taking notes, for homework, even for the class family played for examination of such advertisements. In their words, from the class to the exam, the entire process can almost serve". Reporter search "Tianjin for class" two characters in the QQ group for the course, too busy to attend to all posts. Such as "acute gastroenteritis, search for tomorrow class boys, register now", "tomorrow morning, to find two girls for class". In these places, taking classes and bargaining in need of services. The price guide "for a class family" also spoke to a few figures: for a class of 20 yuan to 30 yuan, 20 yuan notes, homework 30 yuan, to participate in the examination of price negotiable. In addition to the class, the reporter found that the group can also provide a meal, on behalf of the express delivery, on behalf of the sign, on behalf of the physical education can run. The nickname of the group members are mostly marked with information such as service and free time. Members of the monthly income of thousands of dollars to upgrade the intermediary with art professional Junior Girl Xiao Guo said, the original big class often find a "strange face, then I only know this is a part-time job, so are added to the class for a family". Slowly, around the students looking for small fruit for the class more and more, even if the small fruit to give up their lessons, but also on the "employer" class. "I thought, why not do a course for intermediary?" Small fruit that she quickly through the post bar and QQ group platform, when the employer and the class for the contact person. As an intermediary, she would like to receive a commission of 10 yuan per lesson. Now she has more than and 10 students, after receiving the work, the arrangements for these students to go to class, earn their own commission. "Good time, a month can have two thousand or three thousand yuan of income. Three years in college, I did not have to live with their parents." Small fruit proudly told reporters. And small fruit when the course for the intermediary is different, Xiao Cheng has been stressed that the services provided by him with added value. According to him, they are a substitute for the team, members of the students, but also just graduated. For students looking for classes, can be single, but also groups, men and women are not limited, professional grade is not limited. Xiao Cheng told reporters cited an example: a few years ago, they received a business, a science and technology university students hope that they sent a reply and take notes. "We quickly sent the best people. These resources are of course the mutual exchange of needed products, will "help each other"." Chinese, English, sports, computer and other basic courses for public class has become the hardest hit. This kind of curriculum of teacher and student number is not familiar, or not easy to inventory number, is conducive to the phenomenon of growth for class?相关的主题文章: