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To restore a true Haruki Murakami: RANS Nobel marathon runner – Shaanxi Channel – original title: to restore a true Haruki Murakami: RANS Nobel marathon runner Haruki Murakami (data plan) tonight announced once a year Nobel prize winner, is the United States folk poet Bob Dylan?. Previously, the small partners are not looking forward to fear: in addition to concerns about whether the Chinese writers can break the crown, but also to worry about the continuous years of running with the Nobel Prize winner of the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami can get a prize. With the forest of Norway "" "" "" Kafka on the shore cutingfengjin bestsellers as world famous Haruki Murakami, known as "the most tragic Nobel RANS", his "Queen Chinese translation" Lin Shaohua who laugh at yourself every year in October by the media "siege": I really hope that he quickly got out, once and for all otherwise, I wish every year with too much. In fact, in addition to Haruki fans, have joined in many "eat melon masses" just gave him a RANS specialist with the title of "busy? And how many people know, Haruki himself is how to see "accompany run" this thing? Today, Xiaobian for you to restore a real Haruki Murakami, perhaps he is not very different from what you imagine. Lin Shaohua and Haruki Murakami (information): Senior Wen Qing "deviant" jazz bar boss "translation for more than 20 years, and Haruki met 2 times, in the eyes of Lin Shaohua, Murakami Harukichi" forever boy "image: white jeans, blue plaid shirt, a black T-shirt, arm cuff his arm muscles bulge, hand quite stout. The little boy’s hair, medium height is high, not handsome figure, no easy manners, no humor, walking on the road and no one will notice. When you talk, your eyes don’t look at you, but you look at the table, the same as the hero in his book. In 1949, Haruki Murakami was born in Kyoto, Japan, his father is a university professor, his mother is a housewife. He grew up addicted to reading if thirsty, in the process of growing up, a special liking for western literature, and has never been deeply touched by the Japanese novel". And he later perennial expatriate life experience, his works have a spirit of their deliberate away, although the Japanese writer, but the work was not "in japan". When young, Haruki Murakami also had a "deviant" years left the University, have completed their studies, and also married, borrow money and open bars, and indulge his love of jazz music. Haruki runs a jazz bar, sells coffee during the day, bars at night, and he named it "Peter cat". Some people say that China literary youth reading three people: Margaret Duras, Eileen Chang and Haruki Murakami?. Revealed in the works of Haruki’s temperament, is inseparable with his own hobbies: love western music, Fitzgerald (representative of "the great Gatsby"), Raymond Carver? (known as "American Chekhov"), delicacy, these are the young artists favorite. Although you can not see the bar in the past, but from Haruki in recent years to show the photos in the study, we still)相关的主题文章: