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"Tony Leung," the ferryman Kaneshiro Takeshi bucket handsome Tatu baby was praised to Beijing, Tony Leung and Kaneshiro Takeshi – Beijing, October 23 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) 23, the movie "the ferryman" held "comedy Carnival" conference in Beijing, producer Wong Kar Wai, director Zhang Jiajia and starring Tony Leung, Kaneshiro Takeshi, Eason Chan, Angelababy Rongrong Zhang, cuckoo, Xiong Dailin, Ma Su, Cui Zhijia, Jia Ling, Peng appeared together, talked about behind this new year comedy story. Director Zhang Jiajia (left) and producer Wong Kar Wai for the first time as a director, Zhang Jiajia bluntly not emboldened, so Wong Kar Wai must be at the scene from A to Z idol. He also revealed that Wong Kar Wai herself from alcohol wake, "director Wang asked not to do the film, I said that the temptation is too great". The movie "the ferryman" adapted from the story of Zhang Jiajia in "passing from your world" in the same length novel, tells the story of the Northeast girl sweet "jade" unrequited love painter horsepower self analysis of a set of "spare not me, I’m the ferryman" inspirational story of injury. The three stars were awarded "gold medal Ren" Zhang Jiajia recalled, "before and after" themselves in order to ferry people to write the script of the 118 draft, not only is the thousands of words of fiction changed into hundreds of thousands of words of the script, more ten years of life experience to all put in, in the filming process, even heard the voice of the site will cry. In Wong Kar Wai’s view, "the ferryman" is a movie like "winter temperature, inside a cup of wine". The conference, in the movie "ferry squad members Tony Leung, Kaneshiro Takeshi and Angelababy together on stage, as Wong Kar Wai actor Tony Leung bluntly, this is not only to subvert their own image, also encounter language problems, because it is in Mandarin with every day with the director changed the script and re train lines, a great challenge. Kaneshiro Takeshi said very happy in the studio, "the director has said to the 18 year old eyes, but I do not have a few times, but when I find the direction, it looks very happy". Wong Kar Wai, Zhang Jiajia and the six stars have posed a pregnant Angelababy foot high heels today appeared, talked about this with Wong Kar Wai and Zhang Jiajia’s cooperation, she said: "every time I could not insist, tell yourself to a little hard on yourself, not sorry for director to give opportunity, these ten months is really hard." And Wong Kar Wai is also very satisfied with the performance of baby this time, "I am an actor, I think the most hard to fight the most is Andy Lau, but I met Angelababy found her harder than he. Xiong Dailin, Ma Su, Jia Ling, Mirs, Cui Zhijia on stage is interesting, the press conference, Zhang Jiajia also claimed that Eason Chan himself in the studio with each touch of thigh, Eason Chan also jokingly said: "my mother taught me not to lose." It is reported that the film "the ferryman" will be officially released in December 23, 2016. (end)相关的主题文章: