Total investment rebounded slightly hinder market notes temporarily

Total investment: market rebound slightly hinder notes temporarily worry sina finance Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line bloggers began to tutor on Wednesday, the market operation has become some twists and turns, after several rounds of competition for long and short, the past two days to get different results. On Thursday, although the stock index was to challenge the 2900 point mark integer, but the rally seems to have encountered some obstacles, the last half hour of the weak, making the market this week, a slight adjustment in the 3-day after. Eventually, the stock index fell 4.45 points, to close at 2862.89 points, the GEM market fell slightly, gem index fell by 1.1%. On the news side, yesterday’s market is in a vacuum, and overnight U.S. stocks rose, in fact, is conducive to the continuation of A shares rebound. So, after the high market opened yesterday, the overall performance is relatively strong. Although the Shanghai stock index rose at most 30 points, but 2900 points have never rushed past, while the stock speculation continues to heat up the situation did not change because of the index shock. In my observation, if the stock is not encountered unexpected bad news, such as large shareholders to reduce, or long-term suspension after resumption of repair and fall, then the general will not appear more than 5% of the decline. So I personally think that the current mentality of investors is much more stable than before the spring festival. Of course, this is also due to European and American markets continue to perform well, at night to sleep during the day, fried A shares is not the heart to panic. Now that investors are getting more and more stable, how do you look at the weakness of yesterday’s market? We review the trend of several trading days after the Spring Festival, the first trading day in Shanghai, the stock index is the lowest 2682 points, up to 2893 points yesterday, in just 4 trading days, the index rose by about 211 points, or about 8%. In the weak rebound market, the 4 trading day has such a rise, has been very good results. So, for yesterday, the stock index was only a little less than 5 points, I think it is entirely acceptable. What’s more, today is Friday, and then the weekend, the market news may be uncertain factors, profit funds temporarily cashing some short-term profits, is understandable. So, in terms of today’s market, even if the stock index continues around the 2900 point concussion, even if there is adjustment, as long as there is no crash, then are not too worried. You need to pay attention to the point is that this week, the market began to continue peatlands, although the amount is not too large, but as long as the future does not appear obvious atrophy, then next week continued rebound trend is still expected. (Zhang Daoda) this column began in 1997, accompanied by investors every day friends, has been nearly 20 years, has a good reputation, gathered a large number of fans. Before the crash of June 2015, Zhang daoda has continued for a month in late January 3, 2016, the bearish stock market; Zhang daoda suggested that new year should be to control the position of profit taking, the market plunged nearly 250 points. Now, as long as you pay attention to WeChat public number "every investment treasure", you can watch Mr. Zhang Daoda’s latest point of view one day ahead of time, at 9 o’clock every night, no matter what

道达投资手记:反弹略有阻碍 行情暂时无忧 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   周三开始,大盘的运行变得有些波折,多空几番争夺之后,过去的两个交易日得到了不同的结果。而周四,尽管沪指一度想挑战2900点整数关口,但反弹行情似乎遇到了一些阻碍,最后半小时疲软,使得本周市场在三连阳之后略有调整。最终,沪指小跌4.45点,以2862.89点报收,创业板市场跌幅稍大,创业板指数跌幅达1.1%。   就消息面而言,昨日市场处于真空状态,而隔夜美股大涨实际上是有助于A股延续反弹的。所以,昨日大盘高开之后,整体表现是比较强势的。虽然沪指最多时上涨了近30点,2900点却始终没有冲过去,同时个股炒作持续升温的局面并没有因为指数的震荡而改变。   就我的观察来看,个股如果不是遇到突发利空消息,比如大股东减持,或者长期停牌后复牌补跌,那么普遍都不会出现超过5%的下跌。所以我个人认为,当前投资者的心态相较于春节前,要稳定得多了。当然,这也要归功于欧美市场表现持续良好,晚上能够睡个安稳觉,白天炒A股自然不会心发慌了。   既然投资者心态日趋稳定,那么如何看待昨日尾市的走软呢?   我们来回顾一下春节后几个交易日行情的走势,猴年首个交易日沪指最低2682点,昨日最高达到2893点,短短4个交易日,指数最高涨了约211点,涨幅约8%。在弱势反弹行情中,4个交易日有如此涨幅,已经是非常不错的成绩了。所以,对于昨日沪指仅仅小跌了不到5个点,我觉得是完全可以接受的。更何况,今天又是周五,接下来又是周末,市场消息面可能会有不确定性因素出现,获利资金暂时兑现些短线利润,也是无可厚非的。   所以,就今日行情而言,即便沪指继续围绕2900点震荡,就算出现调整,只要不出现大跌,那么都是不用太过担忧的。   大家需要留意的一点是,本周市场开始持续放量,虽然量还不算太大,但未来只要不出现明显萎缩,那么下周延续反弹走势依然是可以期待的。   (张道达)   本栏目从1997年开始,每天陪伴股民朋友,至今已近20载,拥有良好的口碑,聚集了大量的粉丝。2015年6月股灾前,张道达已持续一个月看空股市;2016年1月3日晚,张道达提示新年应控制仓位获利了结,次日大盘暴跌近250点。现在,只要您关注微信公众号“每经投资宝”,就可以提前一天收看张道达先生的最新观点,每晚9点,不见不散!   根据国家有关部门的最新规定,本手记不涉及任何操作建议,入市风险自担。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: