Typhoon Megi hit Taiwan flight trips shut down 15 counties to stop classes closed in Beijing-liuxiaobo

Typhoon Megi hit Taiwan: flight trips shut down 15 counties to stop classes closed – Beijing is influenced by "catfish" typhoon, Taipei area in September 26th at night after the wind strong, passers-by with an umbrella across the zebra trot. Source: "Taiwan times" China Beijing September 27 Xinhua comprehensive Taiwan media reports, the typhoon Maggie (mainland called "catfish") is expected today (27 days) after the afternoon from Taiwan to Hualian, Taitung at the junction of the landing, there will be strong winds and rain around the island of Taiwan. Due to the typhoon struck Maggie, at 6:30 in the morning, Taiwan soil and Water Conservation Bureau released 6 counties a total of 309 debris flow (debris flow) yellow alert, the 15 counties to stop classes closed, sea and air transportation are affected. The typhoon "catfish" approach issued 6 counties in Taiwan Province, debris flow yellow warning Taiwan "Central News Agency" report, according to statistics, in Yilan County, debris flow potential streams of yellow alert 88 most, in Datong Township, Jiaosi Township, Nan’ao Township, Suao town; followed by Hualian county has 70, distributed in the Guangfu Township, Fenglin Township, fongbin Township, Sioulin, in addition to the New Taipei 66, appeared in the new area of the Three Gorges area. In addition to Yilan County, Hualian county and Taipei City, Hsinchu County, Taoyuan County and Taitung city are also in the debris flow yellow warning area, soil and Water Conservation Bureau "in order to issued a yellow alert stream 49, 31 and 5 of the earth. A total of 6 counties and towns 18 villages and towns in 113. Taiwan soil and Water Bureau, said the release of soil and rock flow of yellow alert area, local government should evacuate evacuation advice. Taiwan meteorological department observation, the early morning of September 27th 5, typhoon "catfish" storm in eastern Taiwan have access to land. The picture shows the streets of Taipei tree branches off the road. Taiwan’s Central News Agency reporter Zhang Mingkun photo "catfish" struck the Taiwan armed all shut down 14 provincial roads closed according to Taiwan "China times" reported that the typhoon storm enveloped the whole of Taiwan, the influence of Taiwan most violent, Taiwan iron, high iron all day long suspended across the board, only Tiexi and Islands shuttle bus line through additional maneuver; mistress a total of 115 flights, all suspended; air inside island off the international line to cancel or change; the other 14 provincial roads closed early warning. Taiwan Railway announced today, including all day long western route, eastern line, North and south loop loop and each branch were suspended across the board, only the western route will be storm maneuvering additional shuttle bus; in addition, the Alishan Forest Railway in the next two days suspended across the board. However, due to Yunlin County, Chiayi City, Tainan city and Kaohsiung city to work on the morning class, Taiwan Railway to Pingtung, said the Touliu Lun sediment feeder shuttle bus, before 2 pm will depend on the storm to train. High iron said today across the board to suspend operations, and tomorrow operations will continue to collect the latest Typhoon on the route and influence, tonight before 7 separate announcement. Taiwan High Iron and cast iron castings pointed out, who released sea alert to release date, the purchase period Taiwan Railway or high speed rail ticket, can not use the ticket refund within 1 years since the day to travel, free of charge. Aviation section, all the airlines Island flights today all.相关的主题文章: