Typhoon Meranti by Stephen Kim routes suspended Kinmen water supply project construction – in the ne brock lesnar

Typhoon "Meranti" by Stephen Kim routes suspended Kinmen water supply project to stop construction – Beijing new network in Quanzhou in September 13, (Sun Hong Huang Mindong Cen Yuanfei) by fourteenth this year, super typhoon "Meranti" influence, the Taiwan Strait and Fujian coastal wind gradually increased. The 13 reporters from Quanzhou maritime bureau, affected by the typhoon, Kinmen water engineering, Meizhou Bay waterway phase three project has stopped construction, springs (state) gold (the door) route will be from the day after 17:20 across the board suspended. Nanan Maritime Department official told reporters, Stephen Kim routes are gradually stop working, which "Stephen King" round on the same day at 12 arrived in Kinmen, the company has issued a suspended instruction, Stephen Kim ’round from the golden gate to Xiamen Gaoqi shelter shelter. In addition, due to the Taiwan island of Kinmen some passengers stranded at sea has not yet reached the ferry operating conditions, docked in Shijing passenger terminal for Taiwan’s "Pengjiang" will run the last voyage, plans to return to Quanzhou after 17:10 from Kinmen passenger service, and turn to the Jinjiang east haven and "Min Xing". It is understood that the super typhoon is expected to usher in the Spring Festival Golden route passenger peak impact, yet there is currently a large number of passengers stranded in Taiwan. The Marine Department reminded by the "miranti" influence, the next two days there will be strong wind and big waves along the coast of Quanzhou weather, the resumption of flights is difficult to predict. In addition, the Quanzhou maritime safety administration, Taiwan’s leading group, 13, announced at the port of Quanzhou, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Taiwan into the two stage of the alert level of. At present, there are 154 ships in Quanzhou harbor area. At the same time, the Council has to strengthen the emergency deployment of forces, patrol boats on standby, and coordination of the professional rescue boats and tugs on standby near the emergency notification area waters, pollution prevention, rescue volunteers, emergency rescue teams and other social assistance force to make emergency standby work. (end)相关的主题文章: