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U.S. media rendering Russian nuclear war: British officials approached the outbreak of World War II – Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent in the United States Wang Peng Global Times special correspondent Chen Xinliu Yu Peng] tense relationship between the United States and Russia further intensified, the day before the two fighters came over Syria news nearly collided. Although The Pentagon later apologized and to ensure there is no similar situation, but on the two nuclear superpowers spark a conflict accidentally concerns grow with each passing day and even some American media said, the US Russian nuclear war triggered at any moment. "Attention, please! The nuke will be launched in an hour.". In a similar Soviet nuclear arsenal in the room, loudspeakers issued a similar warning in the room, the Russians are trying to stop us from emergency, catastrophic attack". CNN (CNN) said 29 days, this is not a real nuclear war scene, but the Russian game player interactive game, but the content of the game is reminiscent of the cold war to fear. At present the United States and Russia tensions, many people once again mentioned that Russia and the West possible nuclear standoff. CNN reports that Russian officials are preparing for possible conflicts. Russian television has been playing the massive anti nuclear and chemical Wuhan drill press, the number reached 40 million people allegedly involved in russia. This is the largest after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, a similar exercise, Putin wanted to tell the people of this country, we must take seriously the threat of war. "Russia is reportedly accused with fear as a trifling matter, increasing the risk of war". Russian state television news anchor Kiselev recently issued a stern warning, if the United States and Russia conflict in Syria, the outbreak of World War III "of brutality in Russia will trigger a nuclear war". The "Losangeles times" 29 reported that Russia has made some nervous Russian people worry war imminent. Moscow resident Elena said, if the United States attacks on Russia, millions of people will die. She believes that if she died, Russia will launch thousands of nuclear missiles within a few minutes to avenge her, we will fight back, the United States will be full of radioactive dust. The United States is much smaller than us, the Russians can migrate to Siberia to survive". The article said that like Elena think of a few people may be a nuclear war. Recently, Russian officials, lawmakers and military sources said the possibility of a new war with the west, they give up their ordinary Russians, said life would not be threatened. "It is no coincidence that the day after the announcement of RS-28’s" Matt "intercontinental ballistic missile, it was no coincidence that it was sending warships carrying nuclear missiles to the Baltic sea." United States is good at breaking news valuewalk website 29, said it was because Putin in the military deployment, the strategic sense is extremely clever". Russia’s current nuclear weapons can attack the enemies of Britain, Germany and the United states. The article said, on the contrary, NATO can only be deployed near the Russian border, less ridiculous troops". "American morning account" news website said 29 days, NATO is trying to use the deployment of military encirclement of Russia, Putin’s response is also unexpected. In the face of Western threats, Putin is showing off its nuclear.相关的主题文章: