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Reference-and-Education Few things are more important than health education. It helps .munities and individuals understand health and related problems. It helps sick patients, and the diseased, along with those at risk for diseases and illness to better understand and respond to conditions. It also informs of options and methods of treatments with patient education handouts. Educators generally involve the medical and medical advocacy .munity. Education may involve different levels, such as advice, prevention, conditions, self advocacy, and long term maintenance. This may extend to families and .munities. Health advice assists in fully understanding choices available, and to .prehend diagnosis, conditions, limitations and disabilities. Information about managing care and conditions is increased, as is .munication in general. Good health information enables good health decisions, and puts them in a better position to incorporate a healthier lifestyle. In addition, doctor visits are often reduced when patients have the information they need. Fewer unnecessary phone calls are experienced related to lack of information in areas of managing health. This creates a situation in which doctors are more able to respond to patients requiring immediate services. Filing and paperwork are minimized, and individual participation in health is promoted. Many health professionals, aware of the advantages, have incorporated the use of handouts into their practices. Doctors and nurses alike use them in helping patients understand a condition, health management, or long term care of a particular disease. They also help patients in their individual life choices, and strongly assist patients in participating in their own health care. This type of external information are extremely useful doctor and patient tools. Not only do they provide needed information but can also act as patient and .munity resources, providing needed phone numbers, websites, or other information. Many handouts also provide direct information needed in managing care and overall health. These might include such things as child vaccination schedules, or vaccines till required. Health advocates also use them in breaking down misinformation regarding health conditions and disease, and providing .munity education regarding preconceived ideas or beliefs. Websites also offer an excellent avenue for displaying handouts to patients and the public. Information is instantly available on many subjects of health, or can be targeted to specific areas instead. More information can be gained on almost any subject of health on websites, and patients are able to access information to settle health concerns, or offer more information about them. Not all information is possible for patients to absorb during doctor visits, especially regarding .plex subjects. Health websites help provide the resources and additional information patients need. Things such as condition specific meal recipes, exercises, or environments for good health are provided. Useful tools are also provided, such as calorie counters, diet information, symptom checkers, and other tools that help patients pinpoint when they need to see a doctor and when they don’t. Physicians and health organizations are increasing .munication and awareness by using patient education handouts. Not only are they helping patients and .munities understand healthy living and health management, they are saving time, money and effort for their practice or .munity resource center. Not only that but the result are patients and .munities that can now make choices that allow for a better quality of living and health. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: