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The United Arab Emirates open visa users: a trip to Dubai, November 2, 2016, according to the Chinese Embassy in the United Arab Emirates Embassy confirmed that the UAE government agreed to give Chinese citizens visa free treatment since 1 this month from. Since the 1 day of this month, Chinese citizens entering the United Arab Emirates without an ordinary passport do not need to apply for a visa in advance, the entry fee is not charged, and the stay period is 30 days. The holder may pay for the extension once a day and stay for 30 days according to the relevant regulations of the uae. Dubai, walk up? Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (English: The United Arab Emirates), referred to as the UAE, located in the eastern part of Arabia Peninsula, the north and northwest of the Persian Gulf, Qatar and South West to the East and northeast border with Saudi Arabia, and Oman adjacent to the coastline of 734 kilometers, a total area of 83600 square kilometers, the capital of Abu Dhabi. In seventh Century, the United Arab Emirates belonged to the Arabia empire. Since sixteenth Century, the Portuguese, Holland, France and other colonial Democrats have invaded. At the beginning of nineteenth Century, it gradually became a British protectorate. In March 1, 1971, the United Kingdom declared that the treaty signed with the emirate was terminated by the end of the year. In December 2nd of the same year, Arabia and the United Arab Emirates was set up by Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Umm Guy Van and Ajman emirate 6 federal state. In February 10, 1972, Ras Al Khaimah joined the union. The local people in the UAE are Arabs, and most of them believe in islam. The United Arab Emirates is a western desert country famous for its oil production. It has the name of "flowers in the desert". Lugger Hotel in Dubai, UAE is the only seven star hotel in the world. The Ian cultural site is the only world heritage site in the uae. In October 28, 2015, the seventieth session of the UN General Assembly was reelected to the UN Human Rights Council. The UAE was elected successfully from 2016 to 2018. Dubai (English: Dubai), a modern international metropolis, the largest population in the UAE, the richest city in the Middle East, the economic and financial center of the Middle East, is called the "trade capital" of the central and northeast africa". Dubai is located in the middle of Arabia Peninsula and south coast of Arabia Bay, and is the center of the Gulf region. Across the South Asia subcontinent, adjacent to Qatar, at the border with Saudi Arabia and adjacent to Oman. Dubai has a permanent population of about 2 million 620 thousand, with a local population of around 20%, and expatriates from more than 200 countries and regions worldwide. There are about 200 thousand Chinese living in Dubai, and other foreigners come from Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, India, Pakistan, Philippines and so on. Dubai is one of the global international financial centers. It has become the bridge between the eastern and western capital markets, and has become an important logistics, trade, transportation, tourism and shopping center. With the world’s first seven star hotel (Lugger Hotel), the world’s tallest skyscraper (Harry Fatah), the world’s largest shopping mall, the world’s largest indoor ski resort, with active real estate, events, talks near world record features to attract the attention of the world. The 2020 World Expo will be held here. Dubai。

阿联酋开放免签 网友:来一场说走就走的迪拜行 2016年11月2日,据中国驻阿拉伯联合酋长国大使馆证实,阿联酋政府同意自本月1日起给予中国公民免签入境待遇。本月1日起,中国公民持普通护照入境阿联酋无需预先申请签证,入境不收取费用,停留期30天。持照人可按阿联酋相关规定缴费延期一次,再停留30天。迪拜,走起?阿拉伯联合酋长国(英文:The United Arab Emirates),简称为阿联酋,位于阿拉伯半岛东部,北濒波斯湾,西北与卡塔尔为邻,西和南与沙特阿拉伯交界,东和东北与阿曼毗连海岸线长734公里,总面积83600平方公里,首都阿布扎比。公元7世纪,阿联酋隶属阿拉伯帝国。自16世纪开始,葡萄牙、荷兰、法国等殖民主义者相继侵入。19世纪初,逐步沦为英国的保护国。1971年3月1日,英国宣布同各酋长国签订的条约于年底终止。同年12月2日,阿拉伯联合酋长国宣告成立,由阿布扎比、迪拜、沙迦、富查伊拉、乌姆盖万和阿治曼6个酋长国组成联邦国家。1972年2月10日,哈伊马角加入联邦。阿联酋本地居民为阿拉伯人,居民大多信奉伊斯兰教。阿联酋是一个以产油著称的西亚沙漠国家,有“沙漠中的花朵”的美称。阿联酋迪拜的帆船酒店是世界上唯一一个七星级酒店。艾恩文化遗址是阿联酋唯一一处世界文化遗产。2015年10月28日,第70届联合国大会改选联合国人权理事会成员,阿联酋成功获选,任期自2016年至2018年。迪拜(英语:Dubai),现代化的国际大都市,阿联酋人口最多的城市,中东最富裕的城市,中东地区的经济和金融中心,被称为中东北非地区的“贸易之都”。迪拜位于阿拉伯半岛中部、阿拉伯湾南岸,是海湾地区中心。与南亚次大陆隔海相望,与卡塔尔为邻、与沙特阿拉伯交界、与阿曼毗连。迪拜常住人口约262万人,本地人口占20%左右,外籍人士来自全球200多个国家和地区。常住迪拜的华人有约20万人,其他外籍人士来自诸如埃及、黎巴嫩、约旦、伊朗、印度、巴基斯坦、菲律宾等。迪拜是全球性国际金融中心之一,成为了东、西方各资本市场之间的桥梁,同时也成为了重要的物流、贸易、交通运输、旅游和购物中心。拥有世界上第一家七星级酒店(帆船酒店)、世界最高的摩天大楼(哈利法塔)、全球最大的购物中心、世界最大的室内滑雪场等,以活跃的房地产、赛事、会谈等近乎世界纪录的特色吸引了全世界的目光。2020年世界博览会将在此举办。迪拜凭借优越的地理位置,实行自由和稳定的经济政策,大力发展转口贸易业、旅游业等非石油产业,还着重发展现代高科技产业,建成了一系列现代化配套基础设施。迪拜正以他高速的发展速度让世界惊叹,超前规划、务实奋发成为迪拜缔造发展奇迹的重要因素。相关的主题文章: