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UnCategorized This time of year, urgent care clinics treat many patients who did not properly treat blisters. It is commonly believed that blisters affect mostly hikers and long distance runners, but it is actually one of the most common injuries for everyone in the family. When left untreated or improperly treated, they can result in discomfort, pain, and infection. The combination of moisture and friction is the most common cause of blisters, although blisters can also be caused by chemical or thermal burns. For example, a cotton sock is a common contributor to the development of blisters. Cotton holds the moisture against your skin and wet cotton compresses and rubs against your skin. This is why so many hikers and runners develop blisters, but during the summer, we see patients who have blisters from wearing the wrong shoes or sandals, walking barefoot on hot pavement, or extreme sunburn cases. What is a blister? A blister forms when heat or friction causes a separation between layers of skin. This separation causes an air pocket or bubble, which the body fills with fluid as part of its own healing process. Typically the fluid within the blister is clear, but on occasion, there is bleeding and the blister may appear dark red or purple in color. Prevention tips oWear moisture wicking socks or clothing oMake sure your shoes fit well. oPace your activity level and monitor for friction points. oAllow shoes to dry out before wearing them. oWear fitted socks, not tube socks. oKeep your feet dry. Monitor your exposure to direct sunlight Treatment for friction blisters Never remove the skin over the blister because it provides protection from bacteria. A small blister should be kept clean and dry and it will most likely heal by itself. Sometimes a blister needs to be punctured in order to reduce pressure on the underlying skin. If you are diabetic, consult with your doctor or visit an urgent care clinic for any type of blisters or pressure sores. It is not advised that anyone puncture their own blisters because needles and pins cannot be properly sterilized at home. If you intend to puncture your own blisters, purchase a packaged sterile needle from a pharmacy. The hole should only pierce the upper layer of skin. If you go too deep and poke a hole in the underlying skin, you can cause a bad infection. Do not peel off the overlying skin because it acts as a biological dressing. After puncturing your blister, apply with betadine or iodine and cover it with a dry gauze pad. Convenient, walk-in care for Germantown, MD We all want the best for our families, especially when it comes to healthcare and preventive medicine. Medical access companies provide convenient walk-in care as an alternative to long waits in the emergency room. Their friendly staff will carefully and quickly assess your needs and provide the appropriate services, from preventive medicine to x-ray and lab services. Their facilities are fully staffed and equipped in order to meet the demands of their patients and their healthcare needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: