Village head buried relief only multiple fractures is still concerned about the disaster (video) minmi

Village head buried relief only multiple fractures still care for disaster buried nine Nanan Zhen Lin Keng Village Party Secretary Li Quanyuan was taken to hospital rescue workers carried out the Quanzhou evening news agency APP- Quanzhou September 16th news (reporter Huang Genghuang Su Yongwen map) "Oh, this is the end of the next few months, a lie, a lot of things in the village can not do." 16, lying on the bed of Nanan Jiu Du Zhen Lin Keng Village Party Secretary Li Quanyuan continually lamented, has been concerned about the village disaster and future work. 15 on the morning of 9 pm, a night patrol dangerous Li Quanyuan suffered landslides, landslides buried hill is only a head on the outside. Li Quanyuan struggling to break free, rushed to the hospital. Through the night to Dawn Patrol "climbed out of one meter more meters of life" on September 15th at 0 in the morning, nine wind and rain. Has been busy all day of the mass transfer of Lin Keng Village Party Secretary Li Quanyuan feel the heavy responsibility, and the mayor decided inspections again, look have been transferred to walk back to the villagers of dilapidated buildings. The 15 day at 0:41 in the morning, take a rest of Li Quanyuan and the other 5 village cadres were divided into 5 groups from the village of take the flashlight of the heavy rain. Tour finished house, Li Quanyuan came to the non geological disaster villagers Li Jince home. No one in the house, just want to turn away and he heard someone shouting on top of the hill, mountain torrents, the house to fall". Li Quanyuan turned and ran, only ran 10 meters, he was formed by landslides mudslides washed down, be coerced out of more than 30 meters. Earthflow stopped, Li Quanyuan found himself just a head sticking out, and there are mud flows down from time to time. To survive Wang sound Li Quanyuan while he was still awake, quickly with his hands and feet to chop, trying to get rid of mudslides, "I want to climb out one meter more meters of vitality". After climbing more than 10 meters, Li Quanyuan finally climbed to a cement road, so that the rain washed away the soil. Relatives across weak less anxious extremely "only anxious, at that moment my heart was broken in the Li Quanyuan free mud at the same time, in a shop opposite him, is a group of anxious and no weakness of the villagers, between him and the villagers, is deeper than 2 meters of flood and gully. At that time, Li Quanyuan’s two brothers in the small shop just this side, they quickly notify the lover of the Li Quanyuan that the. After the call, Li Wenbin tried to cross the river, my feet soon hurt. While the mother received a phone call, son Li Zhikun all the way to the store, watching his father struggling in the mud, he want to rush to save the crowd was pulled tightly. Loved ones is difficult, only to watch Li Zhikun anxious tears incapable of action, DC, are shouting hoarse voice, "that moment my heart was broken". Fortunately, after more than and 40 minutes, Li Quanyuan finally get rid of mudslides, came to a piece of cement pavement, he tried to let the rain wash hands and feet of dirt, found very sore left foot and right hand, could be broken. At this time, they found that the town cadres Huang is willing to appear in the same side of the ground, Li Quanyuan, hurriedly call Huang shun. Huang Shun would hurriedly catch the past, the hands of the injured Li Quanyuan completely out of mud, half and half have moved to the cement pavement. Li Quanyuan was lifted from the hospital soon, people went to Li Quanyuan who came to take a detour;相关的主题文章: