Wang Jianlin first put the rhetoric on a reality show tourism will do the world —

Wang Jianlin first put the rhetoric on a reality show   tourism will do the world — entertainment channel — 21:10 Friday night southeast TV "Lu Yu about big coffee day" will be broadcast in the program, Wang Jianlin with "Adorable" image warming all the users, while a traditional sense of subversion president stern image. As "Asia’s richest man" is currently owned by all this, for Wang Jianlin does not seem to meet, let Disney in the release of earnings can not be twenty years of rhetoric and declared: plan after 4 years of tourism industry to achieve the status of the world. In the program also said: "the change of foreigners say (the situation), sooner or later China standard as the world standard". Wang Jianlin’s overseas shopping list of the richest man in the growing appetite recently, Wang Jianlin in the upcoming "Lu Yu about big coffee day" program, said: "I am not the pursuit of wealth, I is the pursuit of a realm, the pursuit of a kind of feelings". According to the official micro-blog broke the news that the richest man in Asia, Wang Jianlin has long been to get the drawings of the design of the, and claimed to use Wanda paradise to cut hu". There have been reports that Wang Jianlin and Disney can put rhetoric to profit within twenty years, and in the design to create a paradise Wanda all hands, to create a Chinese belongs to own amusement park. Obviously, in addition to these he is not satisfied, in the program to continue to elaborate on the current social environment of enterprise development and the uniqueness of training. Wanda has just entered the tourism industry, but Wang Jianlin plans to be the world’s top 4 years after the position. The richest man’s appetite is growing, the largest real estate is also not satisfied, not only joined the tourism industry, and then also entered the sports, culture and other fields, the acquisition of overseas enterprises to expand territory. Wang Jianlin’s overseas shopping list in the Anglo American law, Australia and many other countries, he put the world’s second largest AMC cinema in the bag for $2 billion 600 million, $3 billion 500 million acquisition of the legendary pictures. It is understood that Wang Jianlin’s real estate is already the world’s largest, most of the world’s film and television revenues, and through mergers and acquisitions to achieve the world’s first sports industry. He had to face the lens of the media interview, said: as long as Wanda into the field, others do not want to compete with me first". In the interview, Wang Jianlin also said: if life can not even reach the target, it is white mixed, so the goal is to become a little bit larger, feelings are a little bit bigger". "Let Chinese become the world standard standard change foreigners say!" "One thing the Chinese say, that’s all. Sooner or later, China will become the world standard." In addition to Wang Jianlin rich buy buy buy, also trying to change the future development of enterprises. In "Lu Yu about big coffee day" program, Wang Jianlin said that after buying the AMC, because the system adjustment Wanda own success, to build confidence, feel is not what great multinational development. And try to change what things in the world by foreigners say, to foreigners as the international standard ", Wang Jianlin firmly believe that in the near future Chinese standards will become the international standard. In the show Wang Jianlin also said: "if"相关的主题文章: