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Wang Sicong’s first variety show, but also praise the tongue of a female star [Abstract] Wang Sicong and the other in the show the biggest difference is that he has no convergence his temper in the program. When the Tucao Tucao, when the tongue the tongue, rather than the entertainment stars, was released self ah! Eight I know miss you, is the most understand the female children’s entertainment! Little attention to the understanding of WeChat entdong get more gossip oh! Two days ago Miss understand the circle of friends is Asia’s richest man Wang Jianlin "goal" scraper, "small target" has become the most popular language of network new. Although only the online discussion must be in full swing, the son of Wang Jianlin Wang Sicong’s but no voice in micro-blog. Little understand to pay attention to Wang Sicong’s micro-blog, found his last micro-blog still stay in August 8th. However, there is no sound does not mean that Wang Sicong did not act, he participated in the recording of the variety show yesterday, Hello, goddess, the first phase of the video in the Tencent and the majority of users met. Earlier Wang Sicong to participate in other variety, Reuters photos are half a face, the background of the paste, this time, "Hello, goddess" in the Wang Sicong, but a proper! The spirit of Wang Sicong the first variety show the principle of saw this small program to understand, Wang found that in order to break all of his principal in micro-blog’s customary impression, really pains, the show is his main hold, next to Yuan Chengjie was like a straight man in! See Yuan Chengjie is still quite small words to understand the accident, then carefully recalled, when found in the wedding of Yuan Chengjie, Wang Sicong is the best man. It is said that because of Yuan Chengjie’s wife Chen Qianqian and Wang Sicong good relationship, Chen Qianqian also said publicly Wang Sicong is Yuan Chengjie and her bestie. With this relationship, Yuan Chengjie joined Wang Sicong’s "tongue jury" it was not strange. Back to the national husband Wang Sicong, his printing on the existing impression can be divided into several parts as follows: the red net with two rich generation + + scold female star. He seems to have been trying to break the label. In "Hello," the goddess, Wang Sicong said at least two or three times the show to see the mass aesthetic, not to do their own aesthetic preference, but for their love of the players, Wang Sicong is not retained, said he gave the player throws a lot of tickets directly in the program. But this president Wang direct vote of the family relationship seems to have only a small, after the show to understand those standards, network cop, who felt Wang Sicong would love yourself this one so to try girl, basically! No! Too! Off! Wang Sicong said they do not use their preferences as a reference point! So the finalists, are some of the characteristics of looks, talent, characteristics, personality characteristics of the girls. For example, three years of fitness China version of Kardashian – finger dance master – there are some cool elegant style, such as the scene of anger swallow the fist woman and studied for two days to dare to play the flute in front of millions of people, however, as the tongue review, necessary or idol burden on the back. Small understand think this, Wang Sicong for many years in micro-blog’s war of words is not white.相关的主题文章: