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Happiness "To have a friend is great. To be a friend is greater." — Happy Musing The older you get it seems, there is more satisfaction in giving than receiving. Friendship has these two sides to it. The coin is friendship and the sides are having a friend and being a friend. Perhaps being a friend is greater. Several years ago I wrote a book called THE HAPPY BOOK that Ten Speed Press published. They asked me to gather a few testimonials for the book from as famous people as I could muster. I called Billie Jean King, whom I had not spoken with in years, and her first words were, "What can I do for you?" I was taken aback in a way, because, of course there was nothing I could do for her, but her question implied such generosity. "What can I do for you?" was direct and at the same time implied friendship. She was willing to do something for me, if she could. And she did so most graciously. No wonder she is so loved. During the process of finding testimonials for that book I also contacted one of Hollywood’s most famous leading men, a dear friend whose home I had stayed in many times. The answer to the same request was quite different. "No, if I do it for you I will have to do it for everyone." It was a different point of view of friendship, I learned. I still love him. Then I asked another old friend Merv Griffin if he would .ment on my book. Merv was notorious for his generosity. His answer was, "Of course." The publishing .pany was very pleased with his endorsement of the book. I sent him a little piece of art with my ‘thank you’ that said, "Big-hearted people show themselves for what they are by what they do." He was certainly one of them. To have a friend is great. But, to be a friend is the most helpful thing anyone can be. In doing so, the one who is being the friend is also the one who is for sure enjoying the friendship. Copyright 2009 Sally Huss About the Author: 相关的主题文章: