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Want to do the wedding? Xiong Dailin is wearing white gauze and husband sweet dance entertainment Sohu Xiong Dailin and husband   dance;   two people are wearing a formal Sohu entertainment news the evening of November 9th, just promoted Xiong Dailin wife micro-blog sun dance with her husband Guo song video, the video she was wearing white skirt mopping the floor, the tall elegant, husband is wearing a black dress, two people hand in hand, soulful dancing, smiling eyes, very love. It is reported that Xiong Dailin and Guo song has been officially registered in Hongkong this year is expected to get married, the wedding. Xiong Dailin and her husband Guo song sweet photo   [Xiong Dailin and sun Guo song photo announced: "we got married] Xiong Dailin in October 27th, micro-blog officially announced the marriage of sun shine. Xiong Dailin wrote: "we got married." The process is simple and warm. Guo song is Hongkong actor Kenix Kwok’s younger brother, 3 years older than Xiong Dailin, the family sitting on billions of assets. Netizens have said: let Aaron Kwok wear bad shoes go." "Congratulations." "Blessing is good." Congratulations to the goddess, as soon as possible to give birth to a baby." "I wish you happiness, the entertainment industry is very big." Congratulations to the goddess, to be happy every day."   pictures of two people last month at the notary office, Hong Kong media get notice of marriage Xiong Dailin and Guo song, said two people at the beginning of September to submit the application. At that time, was asked whether to marry, Xiong Dailin with two happy: "happy, happy! But it’s not so fast! After the application, you can get married in three months." Xiong Dailin once praised Guo song for good people and filial piety, give out. October 10th is Xiong Dailin’s 36 birthday, she said that marriage is the best birthday gift this year. Guo song 3 years older than Xiong Dailin, in 2013 after the divorce with his ex-wife and Xiong Dailin have been dating for two years, sweet honey. In March this year, Xiong Dailin announced the acceptance of Guo song happy marriage show explosion engagement ring, said Guo song sincerity. Xiong Dailin (Lynn) after breaking up with Aaron Kwok, at the end of 2014, with the song brother Kenix Kwok burst Guo Guo song dating, hundreds of millions of rich two generations. Two people love enough for two years, repeatedly heard marriage hearing, in March this year, Xiong Dailin exposes the boyfriend three carat diamond ring wedding proposal, plan December. Earlier, Xiong Dailin said in early November after the filming will the wedding, she asked whether the wedding do in the family home in Nanjing and Hongkong? Xiong Dailin said: it has not been discussed, what day does not matter, it is important that Mr Right, the day will tell you." [Xiong Dailin fight scenes deleted suspected pregnant turns not worry]   Xiong Dailin stills earlier, Xiong Dailin told reporters in a media goings, suspected pregnant. It is proud of her career and love, the other half asked whether to visit, Xiong Dailin said that the other party is the outsider, shy, so not to show. It is understood that Xiong Dailin had a lot of action scenes in the play, but then all deleted. Xiong Dailin Guo song in early September in Hongkong to apply for registration of marriage, the wedding of undetermined time. When asked whether or not to play because of pregnancy.相关的主题文章: