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"We have come to the" terminator Carina Lau cries oh my hair to Sohu   entertainment; "we have come to the" hair Sohu entertainment news this Friday "terminator" we continue to run the ten stars in the beautiful Tengchong wonderful trip. After last week’s magical meadow fishing, this week the stars took lots of suspense and excitement of the "bet stone" knowledge contest. Divided into two groups to answer idols have encountered the legendary "hair terminator", God captain Yuan Hong "beyond recognition", vitality girl Xu Jiao air bangs was blown without air. Xi Mengyao to Carina Lau saying "oh my immigration Saturn to" start, Wang Han will be a brilliant man of wide learning can be determined easily "Saturn diamond rain" is wrong. Wang Han knows the little knowledge so unpopular, won the stars a peach eye". With Wang Han to give the correct answer, as a rival of Yuan Hong et al, is a microphone in a strong wind suddenly blowing blows to the face has changed shape, Victoria Secret Angel Xi Mengyao’s long hair was suddenly blown her mood; more, two dimensional girl Xu Jiao, the United States and the United States air sea by Liu cubujifang to "attack" a, "evil" after fleeing like a little girl. And that the correct answer after the Ming Xi look directly next to the Nana, said: "don’t bet, we go to Saturn!" A face stay Meng, very cute. It was Carina Lau’s turn to answer, always hesitate up domineering decisive "Liu Zong" in the "right" and "wrong", a time is so intense that no sound. A few questions down continuously "evil wind raid Ka-ling microphone" sister began to doubt their stance of Feng Shui, smile and say "whoops I go" off the table shouted: "really answer here is not good Feng shui!" "Back to the game and not reversing strength into suspense game half, Yuan Hong and Xi Mengyao have been in the" evil wind "to help the audience with a large number of expression package, Xu Jiao also has good bangs and experienced the opposite have experienced years of wind and frost destroyed, Wang Han has been ready for the victory. In this case, the "Queen of the game" Sheenah finally got his own title, ushered in the first correct answer for the team, Joe Chen and Jiang Yiyan will finally be caught off guard again tasted the "evil". "Evil" after Jiang Yiyan’s long hair has been blown messy, stood there speechless, Joe Chen said that "good hair up, side head Beret Karen Mok already laughing 21hysterically, the atmosphere is very warm. Although the queen of the game Sheenah took the lead back to 10%, but for them, the situation is still very grim. Then in the subsequent contest, Ming Xi can escape the expression package nightmare ", Xu Jiao bangs can escape this" robbery ", has been secretly glad Zhaqi hair Joe Chen fate will also have whirling situation and how will the development? More exciting look forward to this Friday 20:20 Hunan satellite TV "we are coming".相关的主题文章: