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Wenzhou middle school 8 million school scholarship is said to sell a suite (Figure) – Beijing, a parent, become a "bonus" hundred dollar bills on the platform mounds, winning students holding a stack of cash, teachers and principals…… Yesterday, the "Cangnan Shuren middle school sent 8 million scholarships to students in the online news caused a huge controversy. Supporters say the school education under the original capital, worthy of praise; the skeptics say, this approach has the nouveau riche hype, the student is a good guide. However, the chairman of the school said in an evening news interview with reporters yesterday, they do indeed speculation purposes, but it is also quite upset. According to the results of the school enrollment of senior high school entrance examination rewards promised when issued huge scholarship is Cangnan County Shuren middle school, the school was founded in 1995, is a private boarding high school, the fee is 30 thousand yuan per year. In the school’s official website, there is a "Shuren middle school in 2016 a new high school scholarship publicity" news — according to our 2016 enrollment commitment to junior high school this year, the outstanding achievements of our school entrance examination scores according to a new high, the county ranked by classes (before the one-time award 1300 award 100 thousand yuan, the top 1800 award 50 thousand yuan, 2300 40 thousand yuan reward 2800 reward 30 thousand yuan, the top 3300 awards 20 thousand yuan). 239 students have been awarded the prize of a total of $7 million 870 thousand. The winning students were praised, I hope the students clear goals, work hard, forge ahead, determined to become! Qianjiang Evening News reporter breakdown of the list, a total of 5 students received 100 thousand yuan reward, 22 students received 50 thousand yuan, 40 thousand yuan for 64 students, 75 students received 30 thousand yuan, 73 students received 20 thousand yuan. According to the relevant person in charge of the school, the award ceremony in November 20th high school students parents meeting. In addition to scholarships, the same day returned to the high school students issued a few hundred thousand dollars. The Council said it sold a suite in the future will not be so many Shuren high school chairman Lin Yuanzhou told the evening news reporter, about 8000000 yuan scholarship, he is a person, this also sold her a house in Shanghai. Scholarship is a commitment made when the school enrollment, the issuance of standards is not only based on the results of the test, but also according to the performance of students in all aspects." Lin Yuanzhou said, through scholarships, to teach students the two sense, "a school is honesty, commitment, also hope that students can become people of good faith; two is the strength, the school has such a strong strength, hope the students after graduation can be admitted to a good university, a good job, have the strength." But he also admitted that the rewards also upset. Lin Yuanzhou said that as a private school, the policy does not have the advantage of late enrollment, it is difficult to recruit a good student, but in this way to attract good students. According to informed sources, Shuren middle school for a high school freshman award, the usual about 2000000 yuan in total, this year a sensitive相关的主题文章: