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What are the market the elements of cultural products? There are "qinshiming" also have "killed" ink – Sohu culture channel 2015, 2016 is the year of Mo-tse, Chinese innovation world first quantum science experimental satellite "Mo-tse" God, since the reform and opening up the largest international ink science conference held in Tengzhou. Recently, the first contemporary Chinese suspense novels "Mohist elements of urban ink killed" in Mo-tse’s hometown of Shandong published. In addition to the academic school, Mohist exegesis on modern transformation, the elements of cultural products spurt emerged, is a major cultural phenomenon. In recent years, thanks to the central vigorously promote the traditional culture and Ancient Chinese Literature Search Renaissance, Mohist elements of cultural products began to enter people’s vision, including but not limited to movies, TV series, animation, comics and all around. Some famous works, such as "Qin Ji" "Jiangkou Reservoir" and "Qin Empire" or "golden Taiwan puppet", the "ink man" "ink" and the group’s legendary and mythical art reproduction, caused a lot of audience interest, making them in the film and television work outside and have the desire to understand the specific history of Mohist Mo-tse. This is just the Mohist elements of film and television works film "the battle of wits" and "become fashionable for a time animation qinshiming" released on the ten anniversary, so feel it is necessary to talk about the Mohist elements of cultural and creative industries in contemporary Chinese future.   film "Mexican attack" and "animation qinshiming" "Mexican attack" is Chinese nearly ten years only a positive display in the Warring States period Mohist organization costume epic. The 2006 film, directed by Zhang Zhiliang, Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing, Wang Zhiwen, Nicky Wu and so on both sides of the three star television movie, in addition to the box office earned pours out through the screen first let the audience to understand the "Mohist" is how one thing. The disciples Andy Lau plays from the leather, uphold the Mohist "universal love" pacifism, go alone to the country to help beat back beam defenders, Zhao army, was quite those "stop Gongsong Chu" demeanor. However, the history is really built into the "army" (i.e. the film called "the army"), and the defensive organ surgery really like such a mystery film reach the acme of perfection, real. The movie "Mexican attack" adapted from the Japanese aerial historical novel "Mo-tse Raiders", also has the same name comic. Author Kumi Xianyi is the industry leader, won the London Nakajima Memorial award. From the leather is said to be from prototype to slide modi disciple bird, so that the same "Yifu road", it is unlikely to like Andy Lau so handsome. The film is only adapted to half of the novel, and the latter half of the novel is more exciting than the first half. In the history of the development of Mohism as the reference, has been involved in three, the ink from the ink into the history of qin. After the reduction on Mohist also youmoyouyang. But the novel arrangement of leather from ending, is to leave Chinese, Japan, became the ancestor of the Japanese "Ninja". This is a bit big and the nation’s narcissistic tendencies, because the ink from the absolute can not be the cloud Xu Xu Jun. Of course, if we exclude the film art creation view of "Mexican attack", can be said that several important elements are the basic idea of the director general of Mohist school.相关的主题文章: