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Business A boat cannot work without an engine and an engine cannot work efficiently without oil cooler. An oil cooler is highly required by your boat engine in order to work properly. Normally, this oil cooler is provided by the radiator system of a boat that contains water. However as a marine boat is a heavy vehicles and it has to work continuallyit needsextra oil cooler because its engines tend to be.e hot quickly and the oil cooler provided by the radiator is not enough for it. In normal vehicles, oil coolers are located on the top of the engine or somewhere in its surrounding; their main purpose is to maintain the temperature of the oil. Ideally the temperature of the oil should be somewhere between 180 and 200 Fahrenheit. The temperature of the oil must lie in this range otherwise car engine will not work properly. Modern science and technology has changed almost everything, now the size of the engines of marine boats has reduced .paratively but their efficiency has been increased. Modern engines are smaller in size but fast working so it is obvious that they produce more heat than the previous boat engines, the production of more heat requires more maintenance. It is quite obvious that in the engines that are smaller in size but produce more heat, the process of maintaining oil temperature will be.e critical. But that is the very moment when oil coolers prove their importance. More efficient and improved oil coolers make it possible that the temperature of the oil stays normal so that the engine may continue to work properly. Oil coolers are basically of two types. One of them is known as staked plate cooler and the other is the tube and fin style cooler. The main purpose of these coolers is some but their structure and working style is a bit different from each other. In tube and fin style coolers, the heat produced by engines is extracted through the tubes, from where it is carried to the fins. Here, it is sopped up from the air flowing by the oil coolers. The type of the tubes that are being used in this type of oil cooler may vary from engine to engine. There are many .panies, which manufacture these tubes and each of them has their own individual style. On the other hand, heat is dispersed in the stacked plate oil coolers. All the plates are stacked together and the air flow passes through them, and cools it down. However this type of oil cooler is not suitable for heavy vehicles or to those automobiles that are intended to work in stressful environment. When it .es to boat engine maintenance, you definitely need many other things in addition to oil coolers, the one stop shop that have everything that you may ever need, including; fuel coolers, heat exchangers, transmission coolers, hydraulic coolers or steering coolers is definitely Lenco. Leno offers you all these things on very affordable prices. Next time you need anything. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: