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UnCategorized About to buy your first mini motorbike? You’ll have to know the basics of buying new pocket bikes. It’s not just a matter of what’s hot and what’s not – no matter what kind of bike you buy, you should be aware of some factors that may actually .plicate the fact that you own one. Planning and being aware of the risks and pitfalls that .e with owning something like a mini motorbike are necessary. These are just some of the things you have to ask yourself before you can rest assured that the new pocket bikes you have your eye on are actually worth the purchase. 1. How powerful do you want your bike to be? Pocket bikes are made for racing, but not all such vehicles are created equal. If you want a miniature motorbike that could go fast, you should check the horsepower or the ccs on the machine. Some bikes can go as fast as 70 km per hour! These are normally also the large bikes called "super pocket rockets." If you want your bike to be able to carry a large load, you should look into the weight capacity of your bike. All these factors contribute to the power of a bike. 2. Can you afford the maintenance? Mini motos may be significantly more affordable than their full-scale counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they are cheap to keep! Good, imported mini motos could cost up to $3000 upon purchase. These don’t include add-ons, customization fees and repairs! Super pocket bikes, or larger bikes that go beyond the standard 2-feet height and actually approach the full-scale sizes, of course cost more than usual. If you’re just starting off, perhaps you would like to consider a budget bike which costs somewhere around $200. You could then set aside more of your money for customization, streamlining, and learning the ins and outs of mini motorcycle maintenance. 3. Does your state allow pocket bikes on the street? That is to say, do you have the assurance that your bikes are street legal? Pocket bikes are too small to be ridden in public, so they are banned from the streets in many states. But just because pocket bikes are not street legal, you are not exactly prohibited from owning one. You could own a bike for display, or for riding off-road. You could also take your bikes to designated racing or parade areas, where you could ride them with relative safety and without the hassle of worrying if you’ll have to reason with the police just for riding something you actually own! If you’re determined to get your first bike from the new pocket bikes that are out in the market, your priority is be.ing aware of your capacity to take care of it. It’s not exactly a small investment, and taking care of it is not an easy task! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: