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When the garbage out civilization (micro survey) – Society – people.com.cn for years, during the holidays, litter problems are placed in front of the scenic area management of a problem". This year’s National Day holiday, and more active action to promote voluntary service, guide visitors to participate in, strengthen management and protection, environmental protection and civilized tourism has achieved good results. A lot of people in charge of the scenic sigh – this golden week, litter littering less. Volunteer service into the scenery on October 1st at 6:10 in the morning, Tiananmen square. At about 110 thousand at the cheers of the crowd, the five-star red flag in the majestic national anthem fluttering in the wind. Shortly after the end of the flag raising ceremony, consisting of thirty-fifth Beijing City International School with nearly 30 students "zero waste plan" team came to Tiananmen square, the beginning of the "zero waste" tour. "The whole square is clean, but there are also some litter." Volunteers Hou Yuchen told reporters, a lot of visitors to the square will buy some stickers affixed to the face, sometimes accidentally dropped on the ground, it will be more difficult to tear down." Hou Yuchen said, with his hand on the ground. Under the efforts of volunteers, after dawn, the ground on the square can hardly see garbage. The garbage zero program organized by the Federation of Beijing charity volunteers, the United States and a number of school students to participate in. During the National Day holiday, divided into 14 groups all day long on Tiananmen square and the surrounding environment and health maintenance, and advocate all citizens and visitors from themselves, let the garbage "reset". Visitors to the public to participate the National Day holiday, Guizhou city of Guiyang province launched the "civilization I participate, satisfied with the service in Guiyang" series of activities in the city of ecological civilization volunteer seven Park, to carry out the garbage for gift guide action, tourists and the public to participate in the garbage, take care of the park environment. In Guizhou Lingshan Park, visitors will use the food packaging bags, mineral water bottles, paper towels and other garbage out of the park, you can change a bottle of mineral water or a pen. Volunteers Wang Fang said, a pen, a bottle of water is small, but it awakened and strengthened people’s sense of civilization. Collection of garbage in the park to get a small gift to a lot of children to encourage and sense of accomplishment." Wang Fang said that some of the kids to commemorate this special moment, parents volunteer at the service desk to take pictures. October 2nd, Guangdong tourists Li Yan deliberately let the child carrying a bag of garbage in the propaganda point for a mobile phone button. After the event was held, Lingshan park visitors litter situation has been improved, lakes, woods, melon seeds on the road, beverage cups and other significant reduction. Management guide area clean and beautiful effect cannot do without management duocuobingju. In Hangzhou, Qianjiang every 50 meters there is a trash, concentrated in the tourist of Hangzhou Grand Theater door, temporary placed more than and 20 large garbage. Garbage fixed time point, out daily cleaning staff more than 360 people, more than and 70 vehicles. In Guiyang, Aha Lake National Wetland Park Management Office daily organization administrative staff of more than 10, security, cleaning, greening of more than 100 workers and student volunteers).相关的主题文章: