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When the network language Mo vulgar personality   the media should not vulgar language — driving the media — people.com.cn original title: network language: not vulgar personality [Internet] when seeking not only enrich our lives, but also enrich our language. In recent years, some of the network language, such as "awesome" and "praise" and "seckill", has become the people’s daily language, even to be included in the "modern Chinese dictionary". At the same time, some network language has its vulgar, vulgar, like "silk?" "fuck" and "tear force", not only destroyed the national language of beauty and purity, also pulled down the user’s cultural taste. Language is not only the tool of communication, but also the shell of thought and the carrier of culture. Chinese traditional culture has always been accompanied by us to continue with the pursuit of beautiful language. "The frosty night, Jiang Feng lights to worry about sleeping. Outside Suzhou Hanshan Temple, the passenger to midnight." Just twenty-eight words, let a classic picture in the eyes of readers. "Green come to the rain clouds, water Dan Dan Xi smoke, Lieque Perak, hill crest collapse, sonorous rhythm, a romantic and heroic atmosphere, feeling ready. Even today afternoon, can also be written as "imabari Navy 80 Peoples Party and the general presented in the Wu", revealed the implication of the Chinese traditional culture of euphemism. But now some in the network language, full of metaphors of body organs vocabulary, resulting in "dirty words" and "language" and "vulgar" rampant, will continue to enhance the discourse to tolerate the bottom line to a new level. In the course of time, some experts are involved in the ornamental and the combined plain properties of these networks using speech language network forwarding, some mass media to Bo eye, but also to Bo concern naturally or half unconsciously "good luck"; what is more, the vulgar language network began to some children’s publications "intrusion". When the coarse and vulgar network language is the whole society that is "common language" and not, actually has low mass culture level, shook the foundations of social culture, but also let us away with the Chinese aesthetic spirit. On the Internet, some vulgar language network, showing the characteristics of existence, fragmentation type viral. Why is a network of words, there are so many people in droves to use? Some people say that the wording of dull personality cannot No one shows any interest in. It is also said that we are so used, you do not seem to be so used to be out of tune with everyone. Notice, vulgarity is not personality. The network of abusive connivance, even to chase, is a typical example of the vulgar vulgar as a humorous personality, is a manifestation of vulgar popular nationalism and morbid aesthetic taste. The prevalence of vulgar network language shows that there are still some problems in the use and supervision of network language. The day before, Papi series of video broadcasting management department ordered the sauce using rough vulgar language network line rectification, the regulation and supervision of the network language, played a very good role model. Mass media has a wide range of influence and demonstration, it is necessary to consciously assume responsibility for culture, consciously resist the vulgar language network, rather than become the hands of vulgar language. In particular, it should be noted that, as a cultural root相关的主题文章: