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Who cell phone cell phone? Man stabbed 5 people caused the death of 2 people original title: birthday party "hit mobile phone" man stabbed 5 people cited massacre caused the death of 2 people a serious injuries in abdomen stabbed in a coma reporter Zhou Mingjia photo involved KTV has closed reporter Zhou Mingjia photo in October 28th at 11 pm, the ancient town of Guandu Kunming City, adjacent to a KTV in the conflict between the two rooms of the guests, one of them with a knife stabbed 5 people, killed 2 people. Shocking is that two rooms the guests are in the same family and friends birthday party. Video surveillance stabbed 5 people left the calm after the reporter yesterday KTV surveillance video from the families of the injured in the see, before the incident, several men are KTV rooms outside the hallway conversation, a woman came. The woman’s birthday that night a little high, she came back, and several men have some disputes, including a bald man trying to small high in small, high break. At this time, from another five or six people out of the room. In the video, a small high emotion, bald man to a few people just out of the room, his right hand behind the back, holding a six or seven cm long knife. Pull in one of them, a bald man stabbed the man. After being opened, bald man stabbed and not give up, always tried to mediate people, a total of 5 people were stabbed, fled the scene, one of them did not run a few steps on a head lying on the ground, subsequently confirmed killed on the spot. The first man was stabbed in the chest, also in the hospital after rescue invalid death. After the attack, the bald man out of the gate of KTV, by security and control of personnel, the bald man is very calm. After that, the small high and bald man, who was brought to the police. The story began smashing mobile phone game "reporter yesterday saw wounded in the conflict, 3 people in the hospital zhang. Lying on the bed, Zhang told reporters, "he stabbed US allowing no explanation, my injury is not too serious, but my cousins are dead." Zhang told reporters that he was invited to participate in a small birthday party that day, invited a lot of friends and colleagues. After dinner, Xiao Zhang and Xiao Gao separated, and friends came to KTV singing. "I did not expect that she and her friends came to the same KTV." Zhang said, and met in KTV, a small high with a few friends to Zhang’s room many toasts. Zhang said, small rooms with high to toast after they sing together, "before long, the room some say since a KTV to sing, do not play mobile phone, have no interest. So we have proposed to put the phone on the coffee table, whose cell phone rang on his own cell phone hit. Deng’s cell phone rang the first, he put the phone to the." Subsequently, the room and the 3 people’s mobile phone rang, also smashed. "Small high mobile phone is third rings smashed, see mobile phone smashed, she had put a wine on the table lift, and walked out of the room." Zhang said, see the small high angry相关的主题文章: