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Why did the Soviet Union always love development big guy: don’t use the original title: why Soviet love big guy is often linked to the bison and the Diaoyu Islands, Nansha and so on, but think about this island size, really suitable for buffalo? The Soviet Union maintained a large record, such as marked bison hovercraft, the ship has remained the world’s largest and fastest hovercraft name. The European bison. The number is 1232.2, "stork" class LCAC is 1232.1, from the number, both before and after the succession, "bison" should be "the follow-up model stork". The "Rogoff" can be loaded with the "Swan" level number 1206, which seems to indicate that the Soviet Union from the beginning of the development of the 2 kinds of air cushion landing craft, a kind of "Rogoff", a. European bison, the most advanced type of air cushion landing craft developed by the Soviet Union, l belongs to the latter category. Of course, "stork" is also a. Being the best lcacs competition cannot be put in the ocean amphibious ship, really fantastic, but the Soviets have their own considerations. The Red Navy differs from the US navy. (Su Meiying type air cushion landing craft with the same proportion comparison chart (Su Meiying) several lcacs proportionally map) the United States Navy. Early to the global Navy, its primary mission is to ensure that all major sea waters in the world, followed by the sea to the land because of its power projection, this ocean amphibious warfare capability has been very prominent. The U.S. military’s LCAC is produced under this premise, from being born to be able to use ocean, must be able to enter the amphibious amphibious warships. The Soviet Union is not the same, even at the time of the Red Navy can only call the earth is a global naval presence. The Soviet Union lacked sufficient foreign trade and overseas interests to support the expansion of the navy. Its abundant resources, basic self-sufficiency, less dependent on overseas resources origin, as for its overseas trade, are often the object of CMEA member and friendly countries, the trade usually with a strong political and ideological color. Lack of interest in the support of the Red Navy is like a rootless wood, its activities are often affected by the simple political and diplomatic factors. In the last century, the expansion of the Red Navy was more appropriate for political purposes. The Red Navy task of the Soviet Union is: to retain the country for the two attack on the underlying nuclear power, followed by the crush of the U.S. aircraft carrier battle group attack. From this point of view, the amphibious force of the Soviet Union, it is not necessary, it is a luxury. This may also explain why "Rogoff" only built 3 ships died down, because there is no need to. Now, we can also understand why the "bison" and "stork" will have to climb into the "Rogoff", because they do not need to use, otherwise. On the beach (although the hovercraft condition is very low, but in fact, the European bison still often on the beach landing training, this scene took place in Russia after the collapse of the European bison, the noise of the engine is extremely harsh, witnessed the European bison red beach, planned to interview some of the audience feel, guessed to noise I saw the mouth not heard a voice (in fact, she don’t understand Russian, but also white ring ring), so please interview took a photo with us L, XD)相关的主题文章: