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Why do the Japanese live longer? Vice president of protecting the heart China Geriatrics Society of nutrition and food safety, Zhou Chunling Li Zhen newspaper correspondent in Japan Japan is the country’s longest life expectancy of deep-sea fish have anti-cancer, this relationship with their diet closely, Japanese cuisine is "the world’s first health food" reputation. As the saying goes, "Kaoshanchishan, utensils, fish, seafood has been the main source of food and nutrition Japanese from ancient times to the present. In the fish, they have accumulated in the end what experience? Deep-sea fish favorites no country in the world more than Japanese to eat fish, eat fish more than and 100 kg per year, more than the consumption of rice. The proportion of centenarians in Okinawa has been much higher than most of the world. Okinawa International University experts after years of research conclusion, eat more fish, especially fish is an important reason for their longevity. Chinese also love to eat fish, Steamed Perch, sweat and sour carp, crucian with scallion, but mostly freshwater fish and fish in shallow water. Japanese is more beloved deep-sea fish, such as tuna, salmon, eel, salmon etc.. Fish meat is relatively delicate and delicious, nutritional value than most fish, such as containing high DHA (commonly known as brain gold, the development of intelligence and vision is essential). Moreover, rich in unsaturated fatty acids — Omega 3 fatty acids, can help reduce the risk of heart disease and hypertension. Japanese favorite octopus, saury, oysters and other seafood, rich in taurine, can help reduce blood cholesterol, reduce triglyceride. The most exquisite fresh fish Japanese very fresh, sashimi, sushi and other food is sashimi, good Japanese restaurant use fish all day fishing, supermarkets sell fish after 7 p.m. on the half price, because Japanese generally do not eat fish overnight". Raw, barbecue, fried fish is the main way to Japanese. Sashimi often dipped in mustard and soy sauce to eat fish, the fish is on the stove directly roasted, grilled fish with salt and lemon juice on it. Japanese will also love cod, catfish and other fish, fried fish wrapped starch to eat delicious crispy row. Ingredients: Sambo mustard, lemon and ginger Japanese do fish, eat fish rarely put a variety of spices, soy sauce, salt, only mustard and ginger. Do not underestimate the high mustard mustard, detoxification function, can solve the poison fish and crab, the main component of it into the nose of the isothiocyanates, not only can prevent tooth decay, but also have a certain effect on the prevention of cancer, adjuvant treatment of asthma; ginger has blood circulation, expelling wind and cold, promoting fresh lemon; can help collocation with any seafood flavor, flavor. With the season to eat fish Japanese fish very much about seasonal, usually only eat seasonal fresh ingredients, with a way of keeping good health. Every year in March ~5 month, six line fish, squid, clams and grunts, herring became Japanese table "guest of honor", because the period of these fish meat is the most delicious, and caviar most; in June ~8 month, fish, abalone, catfish, eel, black eye bream began to play a leading role. These fish are most fertile in the summer; autumn is the conger eel, sole (flounder), saury, tuna long相关的主题文章: