Why don’t you go over things this Kaner baxia

Why don’t you go over things this Kaner public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! The article comes from the WeChat public number: psychological you have a mother to consult with me about her high school son, let her worry and anxiety can not do. Her concerns are: learning fun, not serious, class can not concentrate, have homework fail…… I would ask her: so what? She said: it will not go to college? I want to ask the 100. Then she told me that almost everyone has heard more than 100 stories: now do not seriously study, you will not be admitted to a good university, you will not find a good job, it will be very hard, it will be…… Obviously, there are many problems in this logic: do not seriously study the probability and not get into a good university is about 70%; and the probability of good university good job is about 70%; the probability of good work and don’t have a bitter is about 70%…… The probability that it doesn’t seem to lead to serious learning is about 21%, but the mother has made it all the way to the top of the list of 100%. Not only is mother worried about children’s learning. I will find my party some ask some strange questions: study or work, with no; preparations for the review did not go down, not anxious; when I continue to ask how to do well on the exam and a series of "what" problem, the results and the mother conclusion: this life is almost finished. It sounds creepy. A failure, one thing is not done, as if it will be a lifetime of devastating blow. Anxious if you see a person felt worried and anxious about something, you can ask if it continues to happen will happen, you continued to stare big curious eyes, very want to know his appearance and then continued to ask him "what will happen?" You will find that he is able to present the anxiety of the incident to deduce a very bad result, it seems that the matter is not doing the right thing will not survive the destruction of life. This logic is: A do not be good B, B will be C, C will be D, D will die. Subconsciously think of it as a 100% connection: A=B=C=D= dead. But the reality is that A is likely to lead to B, not necessarily. A few rounds down, A lead to the probability of D small and small. Take me as an example. I have never been a good learning, senior high school entrance examination when infatuation Mir exam, high school teacher and was obsessed with photography camera weariness continue to sit tight in the bottom 5, failed in what’s normal, indifferent attitude has led to extraordinary play actually had two of the line, maintain a stable university achievement 4 the last second years, but also test the English level Four, after graduation to develop Beijing received 1300 monthly salary, a small city to the bitter North drift, do not love to love…… But I think I am a successful person, at the age of 26 I realized the wealth of freedom, freedom of time, freedom of interest, freedom of life. And, playing 4 years of college, talk about a few cool love. )相关的主题文章: