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Travel-and-Leisure As per the present trend many of the travelers are now opting to stay at luxury boutique hotels during their stay. They also consider staying at bed and breakfast guest houses instead of high budget hotels. The reason behind this is that the travelers are able to enjoy better services at the small guest houses and can get to cut down on the expenses. Staying at the boutique hotel is cheaper than staying at a posh hotel. The clients are also able to enjoy customized services that are offered by the good guest houses. In case you are traveling to Pakistan and are looking for good hotel in Islamabad then you can consider staying at bed and breakfast facility. These are especially popular with the business travelers and the international guests who prefer to maintain their privacy. Staying at such an accommodation ensures that they get good services and are comfortable. The good luxury boutique hotels have limited number of rooms so that they can cater to their guests more efficiently. The rooms are made comfortable and have attached bathrooms so that the guests dont feel uncomfortable. Staying at such accommodation also enables them to look forward to staying in comfortable rooms. The business travelers also have the options to stay at hotel in Islamabad which is designed for business travelers. Such an accommodation allows them to look forward to special amenities. Some of these hotels offer business conference rooms and meeting rooms that are equipped with audio video equipment. The guests can use these facilities for their own purpose and benefit from the same. They can entertain their business clients at the guest house. Opting for bed and breakfast guest houses allows the guests to enjoy good breakfast. The breakfast charges are included in the accommodation charges and thus the traveler does not have to worry about arranging for his food. Some of these hotels also have in house restaurant that serve multi-cuisines to the guests. This way the guests dont have to go anywhere and can enjoy a comfortable stay at the hotel. If you are planning to book your accommodation in Islamabad then you can make your bookings at good guest houses like Number Three and Number Three Lush. The guest houses are located in the heart of the city and this makes it convenient for the guests to travel to any part of the city easily. It also gives them the chance to explore the city and the markets near by. It is very important to consider the location and the services that are offered by the hotels before you make your reservations with them. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: