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Hardware Every business, whether big or small, can reap the benefits of franking machines. If stamping piles of letters, papers and parcels every day happens to be the part and parcel of a business, garnering the benefits of a franking machine is mandatory. What can be a much better substitute of manual labor than a franking machine which can execute great volumes of mail franking tasks with superb accuracy? Plus on this is the shortest possible time the equipment takes to complete unthinkably huge bulk of stamping task. But there are lots of factors that come to play when you decide to buy a franking machine. Quite a number of businesses approach franking machine companies to lease their equipments. Check out the reasons why this is done. Price factor Although franking machines ease task of manual stamping, the initial cost of installing them can be an intimidating factor for small businesses. There are companies which need an advanced franking machine where a basic variety does not serve the purpose. But many such businesses cannot afford to invest this initial capital for buying an advanced franking machine. Thus, they find it much more convenient to hire a franking machine from renowned suppliers like Neopost, etc. Constraints of creating the arrangement Setting up a franking machine is a bit cumbersome task. First of all, you need to have a flat surface on which you will install the equipment. Then you need to connect cables that link the machine to a phone on one hand and a power socket on the other hand. An additional attachment needs to be bought in case the franking machine is a small one so that it can calculate the weight and dimension of every envelope that needs to be frank stamped. Therefore, this cumbersome process often appears to be a cost involving and manpower involving activity for businesses and they fear that their core activities might be hampered as a result. So, they prioritize on renting solutions as much better alternative. This is because an integrated and complete attachment gets delivered to their office where franked stamps are needed. There is no additional money investment other than the service charges of the leaser in the process. Maintenance problem It is necessary to service a franking machine from time to time. Franking machine which are subjected to regular maintenance regimes give undisrupted service for years! Now this is again a concern for a business to call the service provider from time to time for servicing a franking machine. But when the machine is rented from a supplier, the user can stay away from such unnecessary worries. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: